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Dry-erase vs. Wet-erase Maps and Battlemats

Setting aside digital map projection, the two most popular reusable RPG mapping solutions out there are dry-erase boards and wet-erase mats. The former come in a variety of sizes, from commercial white boards to options designed specifically for RPGs, like the unbelievably awesome Tact-Tiles. The...

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RPG Sheets: Over 3,000 Character Sheets

Courtesy of orychle on the TT forums comes this link: the largest repository of character sheets I’ve ever seen, RPG Sheets. They cover more than 250 games, with 3,000-plus different character sheets. How have I been writing TT for this long without hearing about this site before? Share them...

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Treasure Tables RPG Glossary: 216 Terms

After putting out a call for glossary suggestions to TT readers almost two weeks ago, I’ve finally completed all of the revisions. The newly re-christened RPG Glossary is ready for primetime. My thanks to everyone who contributed — you rock! The original glossary covered only common...

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Looking for Players?

After exchanging a few emails with Peter Harkins, who runs NearbyGamers, I created a new page called Ways to Find RPG Players. It collects a range of player-finding tools and resources in one spot, with NearbyGamers front and center. This is an evergreen topic for gamers in general, and for GMs in...

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NearbyGamers: Find Players with Google Maps

TT reader clem emailed me about NearbyGamers, a new player-finding site based on Google Maps (thanks, clem!). It’s a great concept: You join, add yourself to the map, flag your profile with tags based on the games you like, and you’re off. The map shows little pins for everyone...

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Glossary of GMing Terms 2.0

(Update: As of 3/22, the newly-revised, 216-term RPG Glossary is up and running. My thanks to everyone who contributed!) For a little while now, I’ve been thinking that TT’s RPG Glossary needs to be expanded to include more obscure and uncommon terminology. That would make it more...

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Digital Map Projection for RPGs

Using a digital projector to deliver the ultimate mapping solution for your game is something of an evergreen topic among GMs: There’s always interest in it, and once you’ve heard about it, chances are you wish you could do it yourself (I know I do!). (an all-around...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Calling all Writers! Come write for Gnome Stew!

We are always looking for new articles and gnomes to throw in the stew. Drop an article proposal over at

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