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Relationship Trouble

Part of the game master’s job at the table is to make trouble for the PCs. This can be puzzles, obstacles, monsters, hostile environments, traps, riddles, or any other host of things. However, the trouble that gets the party into the hottest waters are relationship troubles. This can be...

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Pockets of Immersion

A few weeks ago, there was some discourse going around on Twitter about metagaming and it brought up the idea of immersion, and that somehow these two things run antithetical to one another. I don’t think they do. In my current style of gaming, I am a fan of using metagaming to help set things up...

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World’s Heartbeat

When you’re running a game, the world around the PCs has a pulse, a heartbeat, a soul, and a set of motions that may or may not be independent of the characters’ actions. There are two main approaches to handling this heartbeat of the world. The first is to have a “living...

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In-Game Adjustments

A few weeks ago I was running my Night’s Black Agents (NBA) game, and the agents had just come off of one kinetic op, and right into another (because the timing was critical). They were banged up and their skill pools were somewhat depleted. Their opposition at the other site was not overwhelming...

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Stuck in the Doldrums

There are times as GMs when we get burned out. We have too much going on, the game is not going right, etc. We get to a point where we don’t want to run the game, and we either cancel a session or sometimes kill a campaign to end the suffering. Other times, everything is great with your game, but...

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Evil Organizations

Evil Organizations are a staple of action adventure stories. They’re expansive, multi-headed groups that heroes fight against again and again. The villains are many, the schemes are devious, their reach is far reaching. I know. I know. It’s bad but true. And the other truth is their goal is...

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What are people saying?

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