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Actually, It’s Gamenstein’s Monster: Ideas to Stitch Together Into Your Own Monstrosity

Any given game that you pick up off a shelf (or grab from is an experience, geared toward creating a specific type of story: a fantasy skirmish simulator, a Jane-Austenesque adventure in manners, or living life as a cozy lesbian snake to name just a few. But sometimes you want to mix and...

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The Same, But Different

As most of you fine folks out there in Gnome Stew lands know, I’m a fiction author in addition to being an avid role player and part of Gnome Stew. In the realm of getting fiction sold before you can actually sell it to readers, there are agents and editors to work with to get a book ready...

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Scratching That Itch: The New Shiny

I have a great problem. I have too many RPGs and not enough time. LOL. I know you do, too. Hell, who doesn’t? I guess the better way to describe my problem is that I have a bunch of new games that I want to play, but all my current campaigns are going well and are stable. In the past, I often had...

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Shady PC Backstories

Not all characters start out the hero. Very few of them do, in fact. Most are farmers, street rats, servants, common soldiers, apprentices, and so on before the story gets its hooks into them and pushes them out of the proverbial nest. We all want our characters to become the heroes of the lands,...

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GMing Fatigue

I have a bit of a conundrum I wanted to talk about. Even though I’ve been playing RPGs for decades, I had a late start as a GM. Because of that, or maybe because I’ve been a player more than I’ve been a GM, I often suffer from GM fatigue after running a campaign for a while. What is GM fatigue? By...

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One-Shot Player Prep

For long-running campaigns, quite a few GMs will provide a document that ranges from one page to several pages to set the stage for the players. I think these types of documents are vital for a good session zero to take place. However, I’m not here to talk about those longer documents....

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Your Campaign Rulebook

Compared to the one-shot life of the Japanese TRPG scene, most western roleplaying games focus around the concept of ‘campaigns.’ As you’re more than aware of, campaigns are multi-session games of indeterminate length where you and your buddies could feasibly keep adventuring for...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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