After putting out a call for glossary suggestions to TT readers almost two weeks ago, I’ve finally completed all of the revisions.

The newly re-christened RPG Glossary is ready for primetime. My thanks to everyone who contributed — you rock!

The original glossary covered only common RPG terminology, and clocked in at 103 terms. But why only cover the common stuff? Aren’t GMs (and gamers in general) more likely to need to look up weird terms?

This time around, the glossary covers everything — or tries to, anyway. The shiny new RPG Glossary includes 216 229 terms. Thanks to your suggestions, it has more than doubled in size.

From bennies and grognards to RBGMs and Red Shirts, if it’s out there in the world of gaming, it’s in this glossary.

Special thanks go to Walt C., who contributed over 40 definitions, 39 of which made their way into the glossary.

When I was working on this, it seemed like every time I added a term, I needed to add two others as well. That’s not a bad thing at all: this was a fun project, it just turned out be a little lot larger than I expected. That and buying a house is why it took me so long to finish this project — my apologies for the delay!

Suggestions, clarifications and new terminology are still very much welcome. Here’s my standard disclaimer for glossary suggestions:

“New definitions will be added to the glossary page here on TT, and I might publish also publish the revised glossary in another form (perhaps a PDF, or even a book) later on. Because this is a collaborative effort, I’d like to include your contributions in the online glossary, as well as in any possible future publications.

If you comment below, please be aware that I may use your comment in a published version of this glossary (online or elsewhere). By commenting on this post, you agree to let me do that. As before, I’ll credit everyone who contributes to the glossary using the name and URL (if you provide one) that you comment with.”