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Gnomecast 188 – Imposter Syndrome and RPGs Ang, Jared and Senda chat about how Imposter Syndrome has affected their relationship with running and playing RPGs along with some ideas on how to navigate through those feelings. Links: Trans Rights Readathon Stewpot: Tales from...

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Gnomecast 187 – Learning About the OSR Ang gets JT and Walt on the mics to learn more about what the OSR (Old School… Renaissance? Revival? Retro? The R varies) actually is. Join us and learn more about this style of roleplaying game.   Links:...

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Gnomecast 186 – Mixing Genres Ang, Chris and Josh chat about mixing up genres in our RPGs and as a result touch on what genre is, and why we can and should mash it all up together! Links: D&D Lego! The Nebula Awards Daggerheart...

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Gnomecast 185 – Taking Over Ang, Jared, and JT get together on the mics to talk about all the ins and outs of taking over the GMing duties in an existing group. Links: Pathfinder Mini-Dungeon Tome D&D 5e Mini-Dungeon Tome Coriolis: The...

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Gnomecast 184 – D&D and Me In honor of D&D’s 50th Anniversary, a whole bunch of Gnomes get on the mics to talk about our history with this venerable game. Prepare for a little nostalgia and musings about this hobby we all...

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Gnomecast 183 – New Players, New Characters Ang, JT and Senda chat about the logistics of adding new players to your groups and new characters to your games. Links: Mythulu Cards Xenolanguage Coriolis: The Great Dark Kickstarter Savage Worlds Science Fiction...

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