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Gnomecast #53 – Thankful for RPGs

Join a whole stewpot full of gnomes ready to share their Thanksgiving messages with you. We at Gnome Stew and Misdirected Mark would like to thank you, all our podcast listeners and blog readers, for making this the best year in gaming yet! Download: Gnomecast #53 – Thankful for RPGs Keep up...

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Gnomecast #51 – Non-Violent Games

Join Ang, Camdon, and Taylor for a discussion about Taylor’s recent Gnome Stew article “Skipping Stones: RPGs Without Conflict.” They may be exploring the idea of games that can solve problems without violence, but will they be able to non-violently avoid the stew?...

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Gnomecast #50 – Not Just Kid Stuff

Join Ang and Chris on this special 50th episode of Gnomecast! Our hosts discuss their personal history with RPGs, the state of the hobby today, and what their futures might hold. Even with 50 episodes under their belts, will the gnomes be spared a trip to the stew pot? Download: Gnomecast #50...

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Gnomecast #47 – Gaming in the Great Outdoors

Join Ang, Taylor, and Troy on Gnomecast for a follow-up discussion of Troy’s Gnome Stew article “Troy’s Crock Pot: Take It Outside, Kiddos” and reasons and techniques for gaming outdoors! Will these Gnomes’ overland adventuring be enough to keep them out of the stew?...

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Gnomecast #46 – Gen Con 2018

Join Head Gnome John for a series of short interviews with attendees at Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Settle in for a bonus-sized episode! Download: Gen Con 2018 The interviews in this episode include: A quick chat with long-time Gen Con attendee Lorraine and also local bartender Jameson,...

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Gnomecast #45 – Actual Play in the World Today

Join Ang, Jared, John, and Senda on Gnomecast for a follow-up discussion of Ang’s Gnome Stew article “Actual Play, Character Death, and Fan Toxicity” and a discussion about RPG sessions as public, consumable media and how they affect the hobby. Can these gnomes rally enough fan...

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Gnomecast #44 – Resisting the Shiny

Join Ang, Camdon, and Phil on Gnomecast for a follow-up discussion of J.T.’s Gnome Stew article “Resisting the Shiny” and a discussion about ways to handle that constant urge to try new games. Will they be able to resist the shiny sufficiently to keep them out of the stew?...

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