Gnome Stew is read by GMs all over the world, but since it’s only in English that means many, many gamers don’t have easy access to our articles.

Since our goal is to help as many GMs as possible, we’re trying to remedy that: We’ve made arrangements with several excellent sites to translate Gnome Stew articles into other languages.

If you know GMs who’d love to read the Stew in their language, send them a link to this page — the hub for finding Gnome Stew articles in other languages.

Many thanks to the fine folks who made this project possible!

French: Places to Go, People to Be

Places to Go, People to Be – PTGPTB is a fantastic French blog that offers a ton of gaming content. They’re our translation partner for French-language versions of Gnome Stew articles, and you can read their first translated article here: La méthode 3-3-3 de préparation rapide de partie. They’ve also made it easy to see all of their translated Gnome Stew articles.

Portugese: RPGista Veterano

RPGista Veterano Wallas Pereira Novo approached us in 2016 about picking up translation for portugese, and we gladly welcomed him into the fold. If you are a portugese reader, go check out the first article he translated here and be on the lookout for more to come!

Russian: Roleplaying News Russian

Roleplaying News Russian – This wide-ranging gaming site covers all sorts of different topics, including GMing. You can check out all of their translated articles in Russian here, or start with the official launch article: A Mobile Base of Operations.

Spanish: Bastión Rolero

Bastión Rolero – This Spanish site covers RPGs from all angles, and does it well. Here’s their first translated article (you can also check out all translated articles at once).

Turkish: Kara Miğfer Hanı

Kara Miğfer Hanı– Alker Eskikay translates Gnome Stew articles for his site “The Dark Helm Inn”. Here is the first translated article and all of their translated articles.


Former Translation Partners

For one reason or another, these folks started translating Gnome Stew articles and then stopped, or their blogs died, or they were eaten by dire kobolds. We wish them well.

  • Chinese – 5iRPG
  • Portuguese – .20
  • Spanish – Communidad Umbría
  • Swedish – Spelledarrens blog
  • Babil Kulesi

Want to Translate Gnome Stew Articles?

In October 2010, we put out the call for readers who would be interested in translating Gnome Stew into other languages, and the response was excellent.

This is an ongoing project, and if you’re interested in translating our work into another language we’d love to hear from you. Here’s the skinny:

You need a gaming-oriented website. It doesn’t have to be 100% dedicated to posting Gnome Stew articles, but it can’t just be a forum thread, a blog that only covers gaming every so often, or a Facebook account (etc.).

You need a track record. We have multiple years of award-winning content for you to draw from, so we’d like to be pretty sure you’re not going anywhere and that you’ll follow through. Its awesome if your site has been around for a while, though it doesn’t need to be huge or well-known. “A while” = also flexible.

We’ll promote your site. Your site will be the official home of Gnome Stew articles in your language of choice, and we’ll promote it on the Stew. We’re looking for one destination per language, and at present we have someone interested in Spanish and someone interested in Portuguese.

The legal stuff is simple:

  1. You get the unlimited, non-exclusive right to translate our articles (past and future) and post them on your site, which we reserve the right to revoke at any time. That means you can translate whichever articles you like and post them forever, but we can tell you to stop (which wouldn’t affect what you’d already posted).
  2. Each article you post needs to include a short text block that
    – links back to the Stew and the original article
    – has the name of the original English-language author with a link to the author’s bio
    – mentions the name of the translator.
  3. No rights change hands. Gnome Stew copyrights, trademarks, and other rights remain with us, and you don’t acquire any rights related to our content except as outlined in #1.
  4. If you want to take your site offline, or if we revoke your right to translate our work (which we hope never comes up!), we ask that you send us the complete text of all of your translated articles. That way, the resource we’ve worked together to create won’t just vanish from the web.

and, if it still sounds like something you’d enjoy, drop us a line: headgnome (at) gnomestew (dot) com.