Side Quests That Matter

In my previous article about side quests, I talked about “Side Quests for the Fun of It.” In this article, I’m going to talk about side quests, but from a slightly different angle. This time, I’ll be talking about side quests that directly matter to your main plot. Even...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: the Lord’s Protectors

A motley group of adventurers meet each other for the first time at a tavern. It’s only natural that adventure finds them before the first round of drinks is consumed, right? That’s about as likely as a group of strangers quickly agreeing on a pizza order. As gamemaster, here are simple...

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Gnomecast #127 – Side Quests!

Join Ang, Chuck, and J.T. for a discussion about how to make good use of side quests and other departures from the main plots of your campaigns. Download: Gnomecast #127 – Side Quests! Check out J.T.’s Gnome Stew article “Side Quests For The Fun Of It.” Follow J.T. at...

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Southlands Worldbook Review

Third-party support for Dungeons & Dragons 5e has blown up in the last few years. One of the first companies to provide this third-party support and one of the most well regarded has been Kobold Press. Since the release of the 5e OGL, the Midgard setting has been moved forward ten years and...

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Losing Focus

A few weeks ago, I tweeted this… Just curious… in this whatever part of the pandemic we are in, does anyone else have problems concentrating or being creative? I have trouble reading and can’t even bring myself to play Minecraft. All I can do is watch TV and TikTok. — Phil Vecchione...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

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