B2 DM Advice – Revisited

B2: The Keep on the Borderlands If you’ve been in the RPG hobby for long enough (almost four decades for me), then you’ve at least heard of The Keep on the Borderlands. The module was published by TSR in 1980 (and updated in 1981) to support the Basic D&D system box set created by...

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Making Changes To The Game

It’s rare that I play any TTRPG exactly by the book. Rare? More like impossible. Between rulings, house rules, and other types of changes, I am always adding or changing things in the games I run. Some things are added in or changed before the game gets started, some in the middle of a session,...

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Back in the RPG Saddle Again

It’s a new year and a fresh start! It’s also time to revisit games once enjoyed but had fallen to the wayside because of adulting and life in general. After meeting up with gaming peeps over the holidays, we decided to schedule a Zoom session. It was truly a Christmas miracle that five adults...

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My First Hex Crawl

My experience with hex crawls is limited, despite gaming for many years. Of course, I know the general concept, and most ‘traditional’ fantasy games have a degree of traversing the wilderness, but in most the focus was on getting from point a to b rather than actual exploration. Despite this lack...

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Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game Review

When I was young, Harrison Ford was in almost everything I cared about. He was in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then I saw advertisements for this new movie, Blade Runner. It was Harrison Ford, with a flying car, and I heard something about androids. I knew I...

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BE A BETTER PLAYER: Share the Spotlight

Continuing a series discussing how to be a better player, this article is the belated third one on the subject. Most gaming advice out there is pointed at game masters, and while players can gain a fair amount of insight from those articles, it’s always a byproduct. The intention with this series...

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The Oracle Story Generator Review

If you show me a card-based accessory to a roleplaying game, it becomes very difficult for me to turn down that accessory. Ironically, if it’s an optional component or an add-on to the main game, which can function without the cards, I’m probably more likely to pick up the deck. I’m also an...

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A Year Of RPG: Reflections on Life and Gaming

If 2022 could be summed up on a d20 dice roll, it would have been a 3. Between ER visits, surgery #1, post-operative complications, more ER visits, car troubles, pet illnesses (our eldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes and now requires shots twice a day), medical appointments, a referral to an...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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What are people saying?

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