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Gnomecast #89 – Beefing Up Your NPCs

Join Ang and J.T. for a discussion about how to best make use of non-player characters (NPCs) in your game. Are these gnomes main enough characters to keep out of the stew? Download: Gnomecast #89 – Beefing Up Your NPCs You can find all the books J.T. mentioned at the Writers Helping Writers...

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Gnome Stew Presents: The Book of Wisdom

While the world is a little upside down, we Gnomes sat down and had a long conversation about what we could do to help make the world a little bit better, a little bit brighter. The result of that hard work and all that deep thought is now presented to our readers: The Book of Wisdom! Just click...

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Interesting Weather

My Interesting Foods article from last month received some pretty good interactions on social media, with a few requests for more things along these lines. I’ve brainstormed a series of articles about how to use “micro details” to make your world pop and become more interesting...

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Four Ways to Fill Your Table (and Your Time)

If you’re like me, you also have a great gray marching horde of unpainted miniatures just waiting to get painted. But when/if you’ve painted all of them (or more likely, just need a distraction), you might find yourself turning toward other ways to add to the landscape of your table....

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Why Pokemon Campaigns Don’t Work

subtitle: and how to make em work anyways. There’s a high overlap between nerds that like to roll dice and nerds that like Pokemon. I think it’s fair to assume that most any nerd you come face-to-face with has some stance on Pokemon as to whether or not they like it. I’ve been...

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Bite Marks Review

Even when the popularity of the game line was gaining momentum in the early nineties, I didn’t jump on the World of Darkness trend. When I looked at the lines produced by White Wolf, the game that appealed to me the most was Werewolf The Apocalypse. I didn’t really want to play a vampire preying...

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Phases of Play

Lately, I have been playing Free League’s Forbidden Lands. It is a game that I adore. We are 17 sessions in and having a great time. One of the things that I have noticed, is that there are some distinctive phases of the game. There are different in-game activities that the characters undertake,...

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Gnomecast #88 – What’s Next?

Join Ang, Jared, and Matt for a discussion about moving on to a new campaign once the current one has finished. Can these gnomes see what’s coming well enough to keep out of the stew? Download: Gnomecast #88 – What’s Next? Follow Jared at @KnightErrant_JR on Twitter and check out...

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Social Distancing and Getting to Game

Hey folks, we sure do live in some interesting times right now, don’t we? Covid-19 is some serious business and it’s turned our daily lives upside down. Right now, I’m on mandatory work-from-home and I’m waiting to see if my brother or roommate get temporary layoffs from their jobs. I feel like...

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