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The Indie Game Shelf – Psi*Run

Welcome to The Indie Game Shelf! Each article in this series will highlight a different small press roleplaying game to showcase the wide variety of games available. Whether you’re new to the hobby and looking to see what’s out there or you’re a veteran gamer looking for...

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Gnomecast #73 – Navigating the Casual

Join Ang, Jen, and Matt for a discussion about how to handle players that are less invested in the game. Are these gnomes serious enough to avoid getting tossed in the stew this week? Download: Gnomecast #73 – Navigating the Casual Check out Commandroids: A World...

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Band of Blades Review

Fantasy is a huge, almost too wide term when applying the word to genres. Many times the word invokes the idea of heroic fantasy like The Lord of the Rings, or Sword and Sorcery stories, like Howard’s Conan. Over the years, fantasy has picked up a lot of sub-genres with their own specific...

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Downtime Training

As many of my close circle of friends know, I was late to play the fifth edition of the world’s greatest role playing game. It’s a long story, but the fourth edition of the game burned me badly enough, I didn’t want to risk my time, energy, and money on the next version. I have...

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Why You Should Let the Villain Monologue

Behind every great adventure, there’s a group of plucky players rolling dice to decide the fate of their avatars.  Behind those players is a GM—their smile partially obscured with a well-placed screen—secretly rooting for their victory.  When the dice and dust settle...

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Making Magic Happen

Sometimes, when you sit down at the table to play, something special happens. Something magical turns that game into something more. Was it the GM bringing their A game? Was it the players at the table, all getting into their characters just so? Could it have been the game itself? Or is it a...

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Gnomecast #72 – GMing from NOTHING

Join Ang, John, and Chris for a discussion about getting comfortable running games without any prep and relying on improvisation. Will these gnomes be able to improvise their way out of getting tossed in the stew this week? Download: Gnomecast #72 – GMing from NOTHING Resources...

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When Players Deviate from the Expected Conceit

There was a tendency, when I was running years ago, to run into players that would use the following logic, “you can do anything in an RPG, so let’s do [insert thing not well supported by the game or setting].” Because I have been running a lot more roleplaying games that have a...

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