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To Sandbox or Not to Sandbox

I don’t like sandboxes. Sand is coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere. Oh wait. Wrong kind of sand. I hear those unfamiliar with the term asking, “But Ang, what is a sandbox game?” A sandbox game is one in which the GM has created a world that the players are allowed to explore...

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Kids on Brooms Review

There comes a point in every student’s career when they really, really wish they were learning something that would grant them more direct power over their environment. It is part of what seizes our imagination about schools that teach people how to use mysterious powers or abilities. Hunters...

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Character Dependents

As followers of my posts know, I wrapped up a long-running D&D campaign recently. I’m already thinking ahead to what challenges and quests I can throw at those same “retired” characters by fast forwarding ten or twenty years into the future if and when we pick those...

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Charging A Meta Tax

  When I was in my Monday night Zoom game this week, the GM’s kid came into the room and an interaction like this ensued: Kid: “Hey, I was reading ahead in the book and I see we’re going to be fighting a green dragon. I want to buy stuff to protect against acid!” GM:...

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Final Rewards

As you can probably tell, I’ve been in the midst of finishing up a campaign that ran for a good long time. We almost hit 16 months during the course of near-weekly gameplay. The ultimate battle against the twisted storm giant king leading an army against the walls of Waterdeep tested the...

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