Midnight Legacy of Darkness Review

Today, we’re going to look at a setting that has been around for almost 20 years but isn’t an official Dungeon & Dragons setting. The Midnight Campaign Setting was released by Fantasy Flight in 2003 using the 3.0 version of the OGL. An updated version came out for the 3.5 version of the OGL in...

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Using Inspiration for “Prep Points”

Players never like to feel unprepared when it comes to situations in games. If there is a way to have an upper hand or even to “hovervan” past an encounter, the players will usually take that as a win in their book. That desire to be ahead of the game can often lead to massive slow...

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Relationship Trouble

Part of the game master’s job at the table is to make trouble for the PCs. This can be puzzles, obstacles, monsters, hostile environments, traps, riddles, or any other host of things. However, the trouble that gets the party into the hottest waters are relationship troubles. This can be...

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Into the Odd Remastered Review

Free League Publishing has made a name for itself with some major hits in recent years, with heavy hitters like the Alien RPG, The One Ring, and Twilight: 2000. However, another aspect of the publisher has been to bring RPGs from the European market into wider distribution. Not only has this...

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A Super Simple Take On The Silver Standard

I recently wrote up an article detailing the simpler setup I use for my FFXIV x DND game for currency. In that setup, I distill costs down to ranges for various categories of items and just figure out the appropriate cost within the range on the fly. Part of that concept is based on using the...

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When No One Wants to GM

When a group of people first get into tabletop gaming together, there’s usually one fateful question: Who is going to be the Game Master? That question can be hard to solve when the group is entirely brand new to the rules and have only a vague understanding of the time and effort it takes to run...

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Quick Review of The Army Painter Wet Palette

Are you curious about diving deeper into the hobby of miniature painting? RPG miniatures are everywhere and you can even buy them in bulk. But most of the time, they come unpainted. Those bare plastic, pewter, or even resin miniatures are great starting points for your painting journey. In order...

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Pockets of Immersion

A few weeks ago, there was some discourse going around on Twitter about metagaming and it brought up the idea of immersion, and that somehow these two things run antithetical to one another. I don’t think they do. In my current style of gaming, I am a fan of using metagaming to help set things up...

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