Making Tropes For Your Games

I am currently running a Night’s Black Agents game and for the first session, as the players were descending on Stockholm, I wanted the opening of our game to be very Jason Bourne, so I asked each player to describe how they were entering the city. Each took turns describing how they entered...

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Gnomecast #132 – NPC Variety

Join Ang, John, and Senda for a discussion about tips and tricks for keeping your NPCs varied and interesting. Can these gnomes come up with enough interesting NPCs to avoid the stew? Download: Gnomecast #132 – NPC Variety Check out Short Order Heroes from Calico Games. Check out Masks:...

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Tattoos As Spellbooks

There’s a meme (or three) going around social media about tattooing your spells onto your body as a wizard so you “can never lose your spell book.” I actually like this idea. I don’t think I’d do it as a player, but as a GM, I’m on board. However, there are some...

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Coyote & Crow First Impression

Back in April 2021, Coyote and Crow funded on Kickstarter. This was a roleplaying game that didn’t look much like other games that were funding at the time. The concept behind Coyote and Crow was a future science fiction setting where the Americas were never colonized by Europeans, and the...

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The Islands of Sina Una Review

I grew up in a time where it was unfortunately common to see various real-world cultures added to a fantasy setting, written by white men. In fantasy worlds where reality was formed around the myths and folklore of Europe, there were some unfortunately common tendencies when adding cultures that...

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One-on-One Campiagns

Ever since we started podcasting together, Senda and I have always talked about doing a one-on-one campaign. We even tried doing it as part of Panda’s Talking Games, but it did not work out. I have for some time been curious about GMing a one-on-one campaign, as it is one of the few things I have...

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The Between Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this. I like monster hunting media. I like the idea of following clues and finding lairs. I like finding specific weaknesses and exploiting them to stop a supernatural threat. In addition to all of this, I like seeing this same process with different backdrops. In my...

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