(Update: As of 3/22, the newly-revised, 216-term RPG Glossary is up and running. My thanks to everyone who contributed!)

For a little while now, I’ve been thinking that TT’s RPG Glossary needs to be expanded to include more obscure and uncommon terminology. That would make it more useful to a wider range of game masters.

Sometimes all I need is a little kick in the ass: Yesterday, TT reader Walt C. emailed me with two new definitions, including one (homebrew) that I can’t believe I missed the first time around (thanks, Walt!).

GMs, fire up your jargon: it’s glossary time.

The Goal

With the first glossary (the current version), the goal was to “cover every gaming term that is both related to GMing and common to most RPGs.” I think it does that well.

What’s missing are the less common terms — jargon, slang and phrases that are GMing-related, but not widely used. And ironically, those are the ones most likely to need looking up in a glossary: the stuff you don’t hear everyday.

With that in mind, there’s a new goal for the revised glossary: To include every term related to GMing, common or uncommon, that’s used in at least three gaming groups.

In other words, in-jokes that only your group knows about wouldn’t make the cut, but if you’ve heard the same term in a couple of places online, or if everyone in your area uses it, it’s probably common enough to be in the glossary.

Your Contributions

The current version of the glossary was assembled and improved based on reader suggestions, and I’d definitely like to do the same thing for the revised version.

New definitions will be added to the glossary page here on TT, and I might publish also publish the revised glossary in another form (perhaps a PDF, or even a book) later on. Because this is a collaborative effort, I’d like to include your contributions in the online glossary, as well as in any possible future publications.

If you comment below, please be aware that I may use your comment in a published version of this glossary (online or elsewhere). By commenting on this post, you agree to let me do that. As before, I’ll credit everyone who contributes to the glossary using the name and URL (if you provide one) that you comment with.

So how about it — what else should be included in our RPG Glossary?