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Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 First Impression

I never spent much time with the Call of Cthulhu version of Achtung! Cthulhu, but I own the Fate version of the game. The idea that characters will potentially be bringing heavy artillery against mythos creatures sets a much different tone than I usually associate with Call of Cthulhu. The pulp...

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Hearts of Wulin Review

When I watch fight scenes, I often think of the discussions on one of my favorite podcasts, Jianghu Hustle, about how in wuxia stories, the fight is a means of telling a story – an alternate form of dialogue that uses physicality instead of words. Characters are often defeated by an antagonist...

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Grim Hollow–The Players Guide Review

Grey moral choices, overcast skies, and long shadows make me think of fall, and since I’m not a fan of the summer (especially not this summer), I thought I’d review something that reminds me of something a bit more autumnal. Today I’m going to take a dive into Grim Hollow–The Players Guide,...

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Hard Wired Island Review

Every time I sit down to write a review for a cyberpunk game, I’m a little disappointed at how relevant these games often are when looking at current affairs. So, let’s throw a curve ball into the equation. What happens when we look at a cyberpunk RPG that isn’t set in our future, but in the...

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Iron Kingdoms Requiem Campaign Setting Review

Way back in 2005, a product came out that caught my eye. That product was the Monsternomicon, a collection of monsters from the Iron Kingdoms setting, converted to the D&D 3.5 SRD. I knew absolutely nothing about the Warmachine tabletop game. I was fascinated by the world being described in...

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Kingdom 2nd Edition Review

It probably isn’t a stretch to say that the point of view of most roleplaying games comes from the perspective of characters that the players create. Those RPGs that allow for more player input into the setting often frame this as a “break” in the expected action, and the players decide to fill in...

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World Wide Wrestling Second Edition Review

I would get up really early on Saturday mornings to get ready to watch cartoons. Sometimes I got up so early that I would see these shows that looked like the sports broadcasts that my family would watch in the afternoon, except that the people that were getting ready to compete would spend...

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