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Alice is Missing Review

Every so often, an idea really jumps out at you. Roleplaying games that use cards, dice with special symbols, or function entirely on the spending of narrative currency. Adding to that list, for me, is a roleplaying game that is played entirely by text message. Alice is Missing is a game where...

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Flames of Freedom First Impressions

There is a lot going on in the RPG Kickstarter space this month. Today I’m going to take a look at another game currently being funded on Kickstarter. This time we’re going to look at Flames of Freedom, a “Grim and Perilous” rpg, meaning that it uses the same core resolution engine used in...

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Good Strong Hands First Impression

Have you ever wandered through a portal into a magical land and found out that while that magical land is usually idyllic and dream-like, currently there is a darkness spreading that is making the lives of the people that live there miserable? That sounds like it would make a good plot for a...

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Cortex Prime Review

When I returned to gaming after a few years away from the hobby, I lost a little of the flexibility that I had previously possessed. My horizons opened slowly. It took me years to move away from d20 games, and even longer to transition from more traditional games to games that were more focused on...

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The Wagadu Chronicles First Impression

This first impression was originally published on my blog on 9/22/2020, and is reprinted here with slight modifications. A few months back, I saw the preview art for the Wagadu setting, an Afrofantasy setting by Twin Drums. The artwork was beautiful and evocative, so I signed up to get a...

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Sword Chronicle Feudal Fantasy Roleplaying Review

Remember when I mentioned RPGs that are clearly inspired by a specific intellectual property, but that RPG doesn’t bear the specific license from the IP that inspired it? This time around we’re looking at Sword Chronicle Feudal Fantasy Roleplaying, which is an RPG looking to emulate the...

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Kids on Brooms Review

There comes a point in every student’s career when they really, really wish they were learning something that would grant them more direct power over their environment. It is part of what seizes our imagination about schools that teach people how to use mysterious powers or abilities. Hunters...

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Fiasco Review

A few years ago, I heard about a really interesting game. It was a self-contained, single-session game about telling disastrous stories. I had a great time reading through the rulebooks, and I picked up multiple playsets and the companion for the game. But when it came to actually gathering a...

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Exploring Eberron Review

I was late jumping on board for Eberron. When 3e Dungeons & Dragons was in full swing, I was busy picking up all of the Forgotten Realms and main product line books, and I couldn’t make any room for a new campaign setting. In fourth edition, I took a look at the setting, in part to see how...

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Feeling Seen in Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall

I never thought I’d ever see “Bob’s Burgers” and jiangshi ever be referenced in the same document, but life has a way of throwing surprises at you. Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall is a new game up for Kickstarting (follow the link here) until August 14th and it promises...

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