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Haunted West First Impression

I was never a fan of westerns when I was young, except for The Lone Ranger. Part of why that property appealed to me was its overlap with superhero narratives. It wasn’t until I was older, and I started watching grittier, somewhat more cynical westerns, that I started to appreciate the genre....

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Modern AGE Mastery Guide Review

For a long time, there has been an established paradigm of a player’s book, a gamemaster’s book, and a bestiary for level-based RPGs. Not every game follows this pattern, and in more recent years, there has been a trend towards the core book being the only book needed to run the game, but with a...

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Southlands Worldbook Review

Third-party support for Dungeons & Dragons 5e has blown up in the last few years. One of the first companies to provide this third-party support and one of the most well regarded has been Kobold Press. Since the release of the 5e OGL, the Midgard setting has been moved forward ten years and...

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Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 First Impression

I never spent much time with the Call of Cthulhu version of Achtung! Cthulhu, but I own the Fate version of the game. The idea that characters will potentially be bringing heavy artillery against mythos creatures sets a much different tone than I usually associate with Call of Cthulhu. The pulp...

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Hearts of Wulin Review

When I watch fight scenes, I often think of the discussions on one of my favorite podcasts, Jianghu Hustle, about how in wuxia stories, the fight is a means of telling a story – an alternate form of dialogue that uses physicality instead of words. Characters are often defeated by an antagonist...

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Grim Hollow–The Players Guide Review

Grey moral choices, overcast skies, and long shadows make me think of fall, and since I’m not a fan of the summer (especially not this summer), I thought I’d review something that reminds me of something a bit more autumnal. Today I’m going to take a dive into Grim Hollow–The Players Guide,...

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Hard Wired Island Review

Every time I sit down to write a review for a cyberpunk game, I’m a little disappointed at how relevant these games often are when looking at current affairs. So, let’s throw a curve ball into the equation. What happens when we look at a cyberpunk RPG that isn’t set in our future, but in the...

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