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Uncharted Journeys Review

Before I ever had a chance run a game of Dungeons & Dragons, after acquiring my sister’s copy of the 1981 Basic Set, I received my very own copy of the 1983 version of the D&D Expert Set. The Expert Set is what introduces wilderness travel as a key aspect of the D&D experience, and...

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Demigods Review

If you follow my reviews, it’s probably fairly evident that I like modern urban fantasy, especially when it comes to the monster-hunting aspect of the genre. There is another aspect of modern urban fantasy that often seizes my imagination, as well, and that’s stories about how gods and demigods...

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Court of Blades Review

Blades in the Dark made a tremendous splash in the RPG hobby upon its arrival. While its Apocalypse World DNA could still be seen, between the process of narrative negotiation and procedural triggers, it was truly a unique child of an auspicious parent. We’ve seen many different genres expressed...

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A Review of Hasbro Dicelings

I’m a sucker for unusual dice, so when Hasbro announced Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Dicelings, dice that transform into monster figurines, I preordered immediately. Despite the preorder estimating that they would be shipped in March, I was pleasantly surprised to receive them...

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Under the Seas of Vodari Review

For prosperity, let it be known in the year of this writing, 2023, in the first month of the year, there was much that distracted those who would write about RPGs. In an effort to better serve you, the reader, I have attempted to partition the section of my mental hard drive that contains January...

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Blade Runner the Roleplaying Game Review

When I was young, Harrison Ford was in almost everything I cared about. He was in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then I saw advertisements for this new movie, Blade Runner. It was Harrison Ford, with a flying car, and I heard something about androids. I knew I...

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The Oracle Story Generator Review

If you show me a card-based accessory to a roleplaying game, it becomes very difficult for me to turn down that accessory. Ironically, if it’s an optional component or an add-on to the main game, which can function without the cards, I’m probably more likely to pick up the deck. I’m also an...

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Vaesen: Seasons of Mystery Review

Another year is drawing to a close, with the inexorable march towards Winter, where the world dies and waits to be reborn in the Spring. Or another number ticks off on the calendar as time races by as it has since March 2020 when time quit having any meaning. However you like to view it. At this...

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Midnight Legacy of Darkness Review

Today, we’re going to look at a setting that has been around for almost 20 years but isn’t an official Dungeon & Dragons setting. The Midnight Campaign Setting was released by Fantasy Flight in 2003 using the 3.0 version of the OGL. An updated version came out for the 3.5 version of the OGL in...

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