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Deathmatch Island Review

Ever have a rough morning and not remember where you are? No judgement, just curious. But, what about if you don’t remember where you are, and there seems to be a set of branded clothes sitting on a table across from you? What happens when you wake up with a weird device on your wrist, monitoring...

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For the Queen 2024 Edition Review

A new version of the roleplaying card game For the Queen is upon us, and as I prepared to write this review I thought, “I just wrote a review for this game.” Then I realized that it’s been almost four years since I wrote this review, and the enormity of the progress of time, how long I’ve been...

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Shadow of the Weird Wizard First Impression

Back in 2015, a shadow began to creep across the RPG industry. Shadow of the Demon Lord was a game designed by one of the designers that worked on multiple editions of D&D, Robert J. Schwalb. This was a fantasy RPG that was designed for people whose gaming habits had moved toward shorter game...

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Dune: Fall of the Imperium Review

Licensed games usually take the approach of presenting material that can happen far away from the canon events of the setting. This works especially well in settings like Star Trek or Star Wars, where there is a literal galaxy of locations available for storytelling. Player characters may hear...

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Girl by Moonlight Review

It’s become a bit of a meme for people to declare characters from different genres to be “magical girls.” Prince Adam lives his life, during the day, as an unassuming royal heir that hasn’t quite grown up enough to assume his full responsibilities, but when he holds his sword aloft and says “by...

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A Life Well Lived Review

In older editions of D&D, traveling from one place to another was an activity governed by a lot of rules, but not governed by a lot of active input by the player characters. Depending on what books your DM was using, you would find out how many days it would take to get from one location to...

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Call of Cthulhu – Arkham Review

The name Arkham has become entrenched in the public consciousness, even when people don’t know the origin of the name. When I mentioned what I was reviewing this week, my wife said, “Arkham, isn’t that an asylum?” Beyond providing the name of the infamous DC Comics institution, the recurring use...

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Thursday – TTRPG Review

Thursday is a tabletop role playing game for 2-4 players of time loops, drama, and learning from your mistakes, inspired by Russian Doll I got a Thursday review copy while getting ready for my Time Traveling Panel for Big Bad Con 2023 with Sebastian Yūe. Thursday served as a brilliant piece to...

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Everyday Heroes First Impression

  In the time since this article was originally published, more information about Evil Genius Games and the business practices associated with the owner have come to light. While we still greatly respect the work done by all of the designers and other people that helped to realize this game...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you know about Gnomecast 21? Why isn’t it in the archives? What are they hiding? If you value your safety… don’t go searching for Gnomecast 21…

Gnomecast 21 poster with a beared gnome and the words "I survived Gnomecast #21

What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

If you like GMing tips, advice, and perspectives you have to hit Gnome Stew. The crew at the Stew doesn’t sleep, I swear. Great articles (by the tonne) plus a great community guarantees you’ll improve your GMing and make new friends in the process.

Johnn Four,

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