These days, I don’t often follow a question post (yesterday’s Are You the Most Dialed-in Gamer in Your Group) with another question post, but I’m gearing up to overhaul the GMing Wiki — and that’s not something I can do (or want to do) without feedback from the TT community.

I have three ideas in mind, namely:

1) Dump MediaWiki, our current wiki software. It’s clunky; after using it for awhile, I’m not happy with it; and several TT members have expressed concerns about it.

2) Archive everything, and put back the cream of the crop. There’s a ton of great material on the wiki, and while I don’t think every single thing needs to come back, most of it definitely should. (The wiki’s Creative Commons license is set up to handle this.)

3) Most importantly, approach the new wiki with goals in mind. This iteration had one goal: Be a repository for GMing material. That’s a good goal, but as it has shaken out, I think it’s too general. I’d like to narrow things down for the new one, perhaps even to the point of only having a handful of topics unlocked at a time.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on anything and everything related to the GMing Wiki: what should stay or go, what software to use, how to give it a sense of direction — whatever jumps out at you. Thanks in advance for your help!