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Reviewing Safety In Games

The discussion on table culture in roleplaying games often turns to safety tools. This was not always the case, and it is a welcome and needed development. The discussion about safety tools, however, is often had outside of any discussion that is presented within the text of a game. If you have...

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Romance Is In The Dice

I love relationships in games. I’ve always been of the opinion that having relationships in your games adds depth, motivation, and to me, fun. I love playing family, friends, parents, children — and definitely romantic and ex-romantic partners. Adding romantic relationships to games gives them the...

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Running A Game Against Your Grain

When you run a lot of games for a lot of different people, it’s easy to develop a reputation for running the kinds of games that come most easily to you. At cons, I’ve always run a lot of light-hearted story forward games, like Love and Justice, Heroine, and All Outta Bubblegum. Even...

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Kickstarter, Kindness, and You

Content warning: This article talks about suicide and depression I remember the first time I ever backed anything on Kickstarter. It was Fate Core in early 2013 and I had no idea what I was even doing. There was so much excitement around the campaign that I wanted to be part of making something...

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