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Rules in the Way

I have to admit something. I’m not always thrilled to hear an analysis of a game that includes the term “the rules get out of the way.” I understand the concept, but I’m not always sure that “rules can be easily dismissed” is an example of optimal game design. I think that rules in a game should...

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Now I Like Published Adventures

One of the cool things about RPGs is that you constantly evolve through your time in the hobby. One of the bad things about being a blogger for so many years is that everything you ever said is captured for posterity. Seven years ago, I wrote an article about how I did not like published...

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You Can’t Build Worlds by Yourself

Your world is basic as all hell. Mine is too, don’t worry about it. As a GM, I’ve been working on my own homebrew setting for several years. As GM veterans and aspirants, you all likely have one of your own or are at least thinking about the one you might make in the future. As...

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Big Bad Con: A Lesson in Inclusion

The Best Convention…Ever It’s been almost two weeks since the end of Big Bad Con 2019, and I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what I am now calling my favourite tabletop gaming convention. Taken from their website: Big Bad Con is a tabletop and live action gaming convention...

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This Ones’s For Us

It’s a Friday night. I’ve got my backpack over my shoulder, a cold beverage in a bag, and I’m headed up a set of very familiar stairs. I’m greeted by an eight year-old who announces my arrival to the rest of the group. When we started gaming together, that kid was a double...

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A Look at Phone PDFs

Drive-Through RPG is an important fixture of the RPG industry. It is the largest consolidated site for electronic RPG products, mostly in the form of PDFs. There has been a lot of discussion about the suitability of PDFs for the delivery of RPG material, and this isn’t likely to be a matter...

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