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Romance Is In The Dice

I love relationships in games. I’ve always been of the opinion that having relationships in your games adds depth, motivation, and to me, fun. I love playing family, friends, parents, children — and definitely romantic and ex-romantic partners. Adding romantic relationships to games gives them the...

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Running A Game Against Your Grain

When you run a lot of games for a lot of different people, it’s easy to develop a reputation for running the kinds of games that come most easily to you. At cons, I’ve always run a lot of light-hearted story forward games, like Love and Justice, Heroine, and All Outta Bubblegum. Even...

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Kickstarter, Kindness, and You

Content warning: This article talks about suicide and depression I remember the first time I ever backed anything on Kickstarter. It was Fate Core in early 2013 and I had no idea what I was even doing. There was so much excitement around the campaign that I wanted to be part of making something...

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The Gift My Character Gave Me: Knowing Myself

Today’s post is a very personal one addressing self exploration through role playing. This is about a positive life change discovered through roleplay that I’d like to share. One of the golden rules of great game groups is to encourage each person to bring their personality and unique ideas to the...

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