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Senda’s 3, 2, 1, Let’s Con

Con season is upon us! While con tips are a dime a dozen, my personal tips have not been written down yet. I won’t bore you with thoughts on taking breaks and (for Gen Con) carrying your own toilet paper to the ladies room, but there are some things we should all be thinking about. I am just...

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Inclusion and the Game Retail Experience

Today’s Gnome Stew article is co-authored by Camdon Wright and Wendelyn Reischl. Both are role players with experience spanning multiple decades. Wendelyn and Camdon are game masters, game creators, and well known participants in the gaming community. This article is co-written because they shared...

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Dear Me, Don’t Let Them Keep You Out

This week at the Stew, some of us were inspired by a series of disparate recent events to send some love and sentiments out to young gamers, especially those who are marginalized. We wrote these letters to our younger selves, because in you, we see ourselves, and we hope that we can give you the...

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I wrote a tweet Monday night, playing off of a meme, and it went a little viral. Is your child texting about Dungeons & Dragons? LOL: Loads of Liches FFS: Feather Fall Saves LMAO: Longswords, Maces, Armor, Oozes TTYS: Tell the Treant You're Sorry STFU: Subterranean Tunnels, Frightening...

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Why Do I Review?

The following originally appeared on my blog, back in August, during the “RPG a Day” event. One of the prompts for that event was to mention where you go for your RPG reviews. I noticed a lot of chatter on that day about the validity of reviewing RPGs, and the way it should be approached. That...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Summer Delights

I’m kicking back during a few days of summer vacation. As I sit by my backyard firepit, I was thinking of gaming-related things I’ve been enjoying that I thought I would share. Here they are: Pathfinder Legends I pride myself on staying current on gaming items in the d20 sphere, but I was unaware...

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