If we like it and think you’ll like it, too, we’ll link to it here. The list starts with GMing sites, but you can also skip straight to general RPG links and the gnomes’ personal suggestions.

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GMing, Naturally

User-created random generators for every gaming topic under the sun.
Amagi Games
Free PDF add-ons usable with many RPGs, as well free full games.
Bella Online RPG Site
Articles about GMing (primarily)
the Campaign Builders’ Guild
Forums, resources and a PDF magazine for D&D world builders.
Dawn of Worlds PDF (direct link to PDF)
A tool for creating a setting in collaboration with your players.
Dungeon Mastering
One of the best RPG blogs around, Yax focuses on running D&D.
Ian Toltz posts a new encounter three times/week, for a variety of genres.
Epic Words
A campaign management portal with loot and XP tools, plus much more.
Errant Dreams
Heather Grove’s widely-read GMing articles (formerly Burning Void).
GM Mastery Yahoo! Group
Run by Johnn Four (of Roleplaying Tips) since 2002.
GM’s Perspective
GMing articles on a range of topics.
The Harrow
An archive of Dru Pagliassotti’s GMing articles.
Musings of the Chatty DM
An engaging blog primarily aimed at GMs, with a slant towards D&D.
Obsidian Portal
Excellent (and free) online campaign management tools.
Ray Winninger’s “Dungeoncraft” Essays
Twenty-nine articles tackling everything from world building to effective planning.
Roleplaying Tips
Johnn Four’s weekly newsletter of GMing tips, with over 300 issues available.
Sly Flourish
Mike Shea’s excellent D&D 4th Edition game mastering blog.
Stupid Ranger
Sharp, fast-moving blog fantasy RPG blog with plenty of GMing material.
Tips for Game Masters
A wealth of clear, insightful GMing advice from Alan De Smet.
Treasure Tables (all treasure tables content moved into Gnome Stew category)
Martin Ralya’s previous blog, with over 750 system-neutral posts for GMs.
World Adventure Writing Month
Spearheaded by Jeff Rients, WoAdWriMo is gaming’s answer to NaNoWriMo.
World oF Twilights Studio
A professional sound engineer who creates custom effects for your game.

Not All GMing, but Awesome

ars ludi
Ben Robbins writes sharp stuff about GMing, RPG theory and game design.
Atomic Array
Rone and Ed spotlight a different game in each episode of this podcast.
Critical Hits
The “Journal of Gamer Culture,” covering all sorts of stuff.
Deeper in the Game
Bankuei’s stellar blog about RPG theory, with many applications to GMing.
of Dice and Dragons
Scot Newbury’s blog covers GMing tips, fantasy encounter ideas and more.
DM of the Rings
Shamus Young’s webcomic recasts the LotR movies as a D&D campaign.
EN World
The largest D&D fan site around, with a huge trove of material.
The Escapist
RPG advocacy, resources, interviews and other fun stuff.
The Forge
Dedicated to the creation of indie RPGs, with theory resources for GMs.
The Harping Monkey
Mick Bradley’s sharp, well-reasoned, engaging writing on RPGs and gaming.
The ultimate character portrait creator, and tons of fun.
Jeff’s Gameblog
Jeff Rients writes with infectuous enthusiasm about all sorts of stuff.
John H. Kim’s Role-Playing Game Page
Thoughtful, useful commentary on RPGs (and a ton of great links).
Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source
D&D for players and DMs, and sharply done.
Kobold Quarterly
A D&D magazine helmed by Wolfgang Baur, with a community approach.
The best player finding tool ever created. Period.
Pathfinder Database
Like Pathfinder content by the firehose-full? The Pathfinder DB has you covered.
RPG Bloggers Network
Read feed excerpts from a wide range of RPG blogs, all in one place.
Zachary Houghton’s blog about ENnies judging and gaming in general.
Long-running podcast of actual play sessions.
The largest RPG site on the web, with reviews, forums and more.
RPG Stack Exchange
A Q&A site with a robust community of responders
Runes of Gallidon
A shared world created by gamers, artists, and writers — way more than a wiki.
A community-driven generalist RPG site with a ton of content.
See Page XX
Robin D. Laws’s column sometimes touches on GMing.
The Wandering Men
A freelancer collective, authors of fiction and RPG material.
You Meet In A Tavern
Formerly the TT forums, now run by our own Patrick Benson.

Gnome Tested, Gnome Approved

John Arcadian

Doesn’t update often, but it gets nifty into the metagame and the driftover elements from MMOs.
Awesome organization for promoting women in gaming.

Patrick Benson

Looking for RPG related podcasts? This is the site for you!
Darths & Droids
Darths & Droids is to Star Wars what the web comic DM of the Rings is to Lord of the Rings.
Indie Press Revolution
Indie Press Revolution is a site specializing in games from independent publishers. Great stuff!

Adam Nave

WotC staff blogs
That’s in the forums, not Gleemax’s broken blog.
My favorite blog. Not a gaming site, but you can apply a LOT of their info to gaming.

Martin Ralya

Order of the Stick
Rich Burlew’s kickass stick figure D&D comic (but it’s so much more than that).
I dig this sci-fi blog both as a huge fan of the genre and as a GM.
There goes your afternoon!

Kurt ‘Telas’ Schneider

Twenty Sided
Savage Worlds forums
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

Troy E. Taylor

Berin Kinsman’s delightfully fun site on roleplay gaming, movies and pirates.
Paizo Messageboards
Goodness for those who love story-driven 3.x adventures.
Game designer JD Wiker’s insightful personal blog on d20 RPGs, rules mechanics and building miniature terrain.