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Reach Out to Your Missing Gamers

Man, it’s been a year already, hasn’t it? Everything has been turned on its head thanks to the pandemic and many of us are dealing with more than a little anxiety and dread about the current state of the world. For me, the lack of my gaming conventions and seeing the wider social circle of my...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Information stations

When designing dungeons for a dungeon-crawl session, consider making one of those rooms an “information” station.  When doing a rough calculation, one in ten rooms in a given dungeon should have this purpose.  (It’s customary to put monsters in about half the rooms, traps or hazards in another...

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The end of your game NEEDS denouement

I just recently finished a playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII remastered (with all the McIndus mods to make it truly remastered) and was surprised at how much of the ending I had forgotten from my first play through… well a damn long time ago. Whatever your thoughts may be on the game as an...

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Charging A Meta Tax

  When I was in my Monday night Zoom game this week, the GM’s kid came into the room and an interaction like this ensued: Kid: “Hey, I was reading ahead in the book and I see we’re going to be fighting a green dragon. I want to buy stuff to protect against acid!” GM:...

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Taking Your Convention Virtual

In March, I was organizing what Angela Murray has labeled a “bespoke artisanal convention.”  We were thirty friends planning to spend a weekend in April at an inexpensive hotel playing roleplaying games.  One month before the con, we determined that because of COVID-19 concerns, it would not be...

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Modern Settings and 2020

I like modern settings in my roleplaying games. Very often, I set them in a specific year and draw on real life events to fuel what happens in the game, or at least things that are referenced in the game. To be completely honest, I’m not sure I am ever going to set a game in the 2020 we are...

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