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Gnome Stew Presents: The Book of Wisdom

While the world is a little upside down, we Gnomes sat down and had a long conversation about what we could do to help make the world a little bit better, a little bit brighter. The result of that hard work and all that deep thought is now presented to our readers: The Book of Wisdom! Just click...

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Four Ways to Fill Your Table (and Your Time)

If you’re like me, you also have a great gray marching horde of unpainted miniatures just waiting to get painted. But when/if you’ve painted all of them (or more likely, just need a distraction), you might find yourself turning toward other ways to add to the landscape of your table....

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Social Distancing and Getting to Game

Hey folks, we sure do live in some interesting times right now, don’t we? Covid-19 is some serious business and it’s turned our daily lives upside down. Right now, I’m on mandatory work-from-home and I’m waiting to see if my brother or roommate get temporary layoffs from their jobs. I feel like...

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Spectaculars Review

When I was young, I had enough health problems that going outside wasn’t always an option. Playing inside involved getting my mom to tie a towel around my neck so I could pretend to be Robin, and lean back while climbing the stairs, like I was scaling the side of a building. I also would wear a...

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A Barbarian’s Guide to Roleplaying Hooks

I always want to see people roleplay more in my roleplaying games. Always! I want people to speak in character, using “I” statements instead of “they” statements”, engaging with the story as their character would. When a story gives a character a bit of bait, a little non-combat story event that...

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System Splicing: D&D 4th ed.

*System Splicing is a series looking to break down tabletop RPGs into mechanics you can apply to other games.  Splicing is about focusing on add-on mechanics rather than entire systems.  These mechanics can set the tone, support the system, and improve your experience, but are not imperative to...

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Letting Go Of Your Old Ways

I’m not sure what I expected when I bought a copy of Warhammer: Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. Ever since I began my transition, both as a woman and as a better person, I’ve had a complicated relationship with the marquee product of Game’s Workshop. I always had a love of the dark and gritty. The...

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