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Troy’s Crock Pot: the Lord’s Protectors

A motley group of adventurers meet each other for the first time at a tavern. It’s only natural that adventure finds them before the first round of drinks is consumed, right? That’s about as likely as a group of strangers quickly agreeing on a pizza order. As gamemaster, here are simple...

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Side Quests For The Fun Of It

A popular (and very wise) piece of advice in storytelling and running an RPG is to make sure all of your storylines, plot hooks, and side elements support the main story arc or campaign arc that is currently underway. I totally agree with this advice, but I wanted to point out that sometimes a...

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ECB: External Containment Bureau Review

It may not surprise anyone to know that I am a fan of Hellboy, The X-Files, Men in Black, Fringe, and The Laundry. While I like my unaffiliated hunters like the Winchesters or Wynonna Earp in my monster hunting and investigation, I also enjoy the added storytelling potential added by monster...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Character Growth from Combat

Combat in many rpgs follows the D&D model: use dice rolls to add random chance, apply modifiers and compare to adversarial target numbers. Damage is assessed. The first one to lose their hit points falls over. It’s pretty straightforward – and a lot of fun in itself. It is the “game” aspect of...

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Dora The Explorer: Travel And Exploration In D&D

As a parent of four, children’s shows of all kinds have played in the background of my home for a decade. Children’s shows strongly feature patterns, to the horror of parents but the delight of children. Why? Because in a sea of chaos, the predictability of the character’s catch-phrases or songs...

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What are people saying?

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