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dScryb First Impressions

I love looking at shiny new rulebooks, or at least shiny new PDFs of rulebooks, and seeing all the new wonders contained therein. Every so often, however, I like to find something in the RPG space that isn’t the usual set of rules, adventures, or supplements. That leads me to the website I’m...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: A Sampling of Quest Givers

Yes, the local ruler could set the player characters on their next fantasy adventure.  But if, as gamemaster, you want a different starting point, consider giving these a try. Apprentice to an arcanist 1. Seeking help in obtaining a rare spellcasting component that is part of/protected by a...

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3 Simple Tips to Quickly Paint RPG Miniatures

Role Playing Games (RPGs) that use miniatures add a level of immersion for players that simple tokens or 2D markers can’t match. Of course, the best miniatures for any game are painted and in full living color! When you purchase miniatures for RPGs, they are usually unpainted, sometimes...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: A World of Superstition and Fear

Ordinary folk — be they commoner or king — know that to meddle with the supernatural is to invite disaster into their lives.   It’s a mindset — a social norm, if you will — that gamemasters should consider emphasizing in their fantasy world-building and adventure presentation. It is perhaps the...

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A Treasure Vault mechanic for your game

As I keep planning my next campaign that will probably have the player characters be the leaders of a mercenary company, I’ve been taking a huge amount of inspiration from Matt Colville’s The Chain of Acheron campaign. Matt had an abstract way of handling big sums of money that I quite...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Losing oneself in the wilderness

  When experienced hands post thoughtful recollections on “Old School Gaming,” as tabletop RPG designer Steve Winter did for issue 25 of Warlock, it’s worth paying attention. Winter’s essay — “Killer Dungeons: An Old-School Retrospective” — was the lead article. Now, I’m not going to steal...

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