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RPG with Friends, Family, and Strangers

  Dr. Lisa Su states that “Gaming brings people together.” There are benefits and drawbacks of playing RPGs with people we know versus people we don’t. There are advantages and disadvantages to gaming with the people we are closest to, and the people we’ve never met. This article...

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Hunter the Reckoning Review

In the 90s, when the World of Darkness became the hottest thing in RPGs, I was on the outside looking in. My friends went off to college, and our gaming got more and more sporadic. That meant that I didn’t really want to spend time learning a new system and exploring what all of this was about. In...

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A Simpler Alternative D&D Currency System

I’m currently running a D&D game in the Final Fantasy XIV world setting using a modified version of the excellent FFXIV x DND homebrew. At its core, it’s still D&D 5e, but I’ve been taking the opportunities the setting gives me to tweak and open up some of the systems to...

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The Art of Improvisation in Role Playing Games

Are you a DM or player and stuck in a situation you didn’t expect? Improvisation might be the key to get you out! Improvisation is an important skill in any form of performance, but it’s especially vital in role playing games. When you’re playing a character in an RPG, you never...

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Evil Organizations

Evil Organizations are a staple of action adventure stories. They’re expansive, multi-headed groups that heroes fight against again and again. The villains are many, the schemes are devious, their reach is far reaching. I know. I know. It’s bad but true. And the other truth is their goal is...

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The Most Important Word In Your Game Is Why

There is one word you should pay particular attention to as a Game Master whenever you are running your game. It sounds dramatic, but this one word is often going to be the key to a mediocre game or a good game. It applies in the game world and in the meta of the game and keeping it front and...

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