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Letting Go Of Your Old Ways

I’m not sure what I expected when I bought a copy of Warhammer: Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. Ever since I began my transition, both as a woman and as a better person, I’ve had a complicated relationship with the marquee product of Game’s Workshop. I always had a love of the dark...

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The Height of Annoyance

One of my regular groups has been playing a modern paranormal game using Savage Worlds. It’s a mash up of the Dresden Files along with a little bit of the World of Darkness, but with our own spin on the setting. Our eclectic group of supernatural folk include a nervous changeling fae, a rich...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Intrusion of the Fantastic

Gamers, such as I, who are devoted to Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop experiences, are all about big, showy magic. It’s all about fireballs and magical webs and dazzling color sprays.  And if the spells in the main player’s handbooks aren’t enough, there are...

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Josh Fox Interview – Last Fleet

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Josh Fox about his latest game currently on Kickstarter, Last Fleet. I have a few different genres that I’m drawn to like a bear to honey, and space opera and its more serious cousin, science fiction, is one of those genres I find almost...

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Apparently I’m a 40-year-old man…

…and I love it. Back in November 2019 I attended Kamcon, a budding convention in Canada in its second year of conception. While there I did one of my workshop panels, where I talked about messing with your players and how to secretly manipulate the pacing of the game to a science but...

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How Infinitas DM Saved My Digital Mapping

Around 9 or 10 months ago I built myself a portable, digital map solution. A TV that was on sale, a wooden frame, a piece of glare-resistant plexiglass and an HDMI cable later and I was able to stop making illegible scribbles on vinyl and hope my players understood that this scribble was an epic...

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First Time Larp

As a long time table top gamer, I’ve played a pretty wide gamut of games. I spent years in crunchy Pathfinder and 3rd edition D&D before my tastes in gaming changed and sent me on the hunt for games that give me the feels. My fun has shifted away from the joy of mechanical mastery to the...

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The RPG Zine Revolution

All the way back in February of this year, Kickstarter hosted an event called Zine Quest, where RPG creators launched a huge variety of projects – short, small, self-contained projects in the form of zines. All told, 108 Zine Quest campaigns were launched in just two weeks. And for me, my...

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