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Mundane Magics

Ever since my long-ago teenage years, when I wasn’t allowed to play D&D – just look at the books, I’ve played a kind of mental game with the spell lists from the various editions of D&D — What spells would I want to be able to cast if I could do so in real life? As a mental exercise,...

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The Duality of Fiction and the Game

One of the benefits about co-hosting an RPG Podcast and owning a small RPG company is that I get to talk a great deal about RPG’s with a lot of great gamers and game designers. One of those discussions has been about two facets of an RPG: the game and the fiction engine. From Meta to Meat I want...

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Character Meta-Mechanics and Immersion

Today’s guest author, Aaron Renfroe (whose Battle Boards I reviewed last year, is the owner and operator of Custom RPG and has been in the storytelling business for 17 years. He has plans to write a series of articles for Gnome Stew and is currently working on crafting his own setting....

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Does Your Group Have a Meta?

I’ve been gaming with the same main group for around 10 years now, with a couple roster changes early on, and like nearly every other group I’ve gamed with we seem to have developed and then fallen into a groove. In the CCG world, “meta” means the state of the game —...

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Four Great GMing Books

Lately I’ve been on an RPG reading tear, and I’ve been fortunate to find, stumble upon, and have recommended to me four excellent GMing books that I’d like to recommend to you in turn. Apart from all being good books, they share a slant towards fantasy and setting creation, but...

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How Do You Pitch a New Game to Your Players?

Over the past few years, it’s become clear to me that I suck at pitching games to my players. That realization goes hand in hand with another: I’ve muddled my way through this key aspect of being a GM for 20-plus years without ever really knowing what I was doing. Sometimes I pitch a...

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A Look at Downtime in RPGs and Board Games

This article looks at a parallel between RPGs and board games that I find interesting, but fair warning: If the last time you played a board game was a session of LCR with your grandma in 1982, it may not be as interesting to you. So: board games and downtime. In board games (and card games),...

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Games Within The Game

I’m likely going to make the world meta-explode with this one, but let’s take that risk and talk about games. Not just the tabletop games we play, or the video games  we play when we aren’t running a game or playing in one. No, let’s talk about games within the games we play. Amalgamation When we...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

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