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When Players Deviate from the Expected Conceit

There was a tendency, when I was running years ago, to run into players that would use the following logic, “you can do anything in an RPG, so let’s do [insert thing not well supported by the game or setting].” Because I have been running a lot more roleplaying games that have a...

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Table Tents Rock!

While I was at Queen City Conquest two weeks ago, I ran a handful of games during the weekend as well as got to play a few games. During the weekend, I was very happy to see how quickly people at the table would start making table tents for their characters. I have been doing this for a while at...

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Introducing Players to New Kinds of Games

We all start somewhere — many of us with D&D, although certainly there are a myriad of entry points to gaming. Whatever you start with ends up being the thing you’re most comfortable with, because it’s the thing you’ve been doing the longest. I started in D&D and...

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NPC Backgrounds

Back in March of this year, I wrote a series of three articles about PC backgrounds. You can find part one, part two, and part three with their respective hyperlinks. Today, I’m going to be talking about NPC backgrounds. You’ll notice that this is going to be roughly one-third the size...

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Getting Players to GM

As a GM, do you really get to play like everyone else at the table? Do you get to enjoy the setting and the rules of a game in the same way? Do you experience the unexpected as deeply as you would from the perspective of a single character? Do you get to feel like you’re one of the party,...

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Time To Game

This past week I was at Origins and doing my best to play all the RPGs I could. Mostly I ran games, meaning it was my job to get the game started. That means from sitting down at the table, getting characters made, and then getting the story going. I did this for a number of games, Hydro Hackers,...

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