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Problems not Solutions

Let me share with you some of the best GMing advice I have ever received. I learned it from the game Dogs in the Vineyard, by Vincent Baker. The advice, which was advice on how to run Dogs goes something like this, to paraphrase… Your job as the GM is to set up problems, but never to solve them....

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B2 DM Advice – Revisited

B2: The Keep on the Borderlands If you’ve been in the RPG hobby for long enough (almost four decades for me), then you’ve at least heard of The Keep on the Borderlands. The module was published by TSR in 1980 (and updated in 1981) to support the Basic D&D system box set created by...

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Making Changes To The Game

It’s rare that I play any TTRPG exactly by the book. Rare? More like impossible. Between rulings, house rules, and other types of changes, I am always adding or changing things in the games I run. Some things are added in or changed before the game gets started, some in the middle of a session,...

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Three Pillars

It is commonly accepted that role playing game sessions and campaigns are built upon three different pillars, each providing its own experiences and style of interactions. These pillars are social, exploration, and combat. Each one is important (if not vital) to a well-rounded role playing...

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Relationship Trouble

Part of the game master’s job at the table is to make trouble for the PCs. This can be puzzles, obstacles, monsters, hostile environments, traps, riddles, or any other host of things. However, the trouble that gets the party into the hottest waters are relationship troubles. This can be...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

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