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One-Shot Player Prep

For long-running campaigns, quite a few GMs will provide a document that ranges from one page to several pages to set the stage for the players. I think these types of documents are vital for a good session zero to take place. However, I’m not here to talk about those longer documents....

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Mountains out of Molehills

Occasionally as GM, you’ll be running a game and expect the players to make a quick decision to get on with the adventure. But, all of a sudden, you’ll be facing a dilemma that many GMs before have faced. The players have fixated on a detail you hadn’t considered or thought was inconsequential....

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Playing Traditional Games Again

I have always been interested in different types of RPGs ever since I learned about Top Secret after buying my 1e Player’s Handbook. Over the years, I have played all kinds of RPGs. In the last decade, I have been heavily into Indie games, over more traditional RPGs. Lately, I looked at the games...

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Character Dependents

As followers of my posts know, I wrapped up a long-running D&D campaign recently. I’m already thinking ahead to what challenges and quests I can throw at those same “retired” characters by fast forwarding ten or twenty years into the future if and when we pick those...

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Final Rewards

As you can probably tell, I’ve been in the midst of finishing up a campaign that ran for a good long time. We almost hit 16 months during the course of near-weekly gameplay. The ultimate battle against the twisted storm giant king leading an army against the walls of Waterdeep tested the...

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What’s In My Session Zero Toolbox

Over the past year or so, I have been refining my Session Zero format, to make sure that it delivers what my group needs in order to get the game started. I have combined a number of tools and pieces of advice that I have tuned to get all the things I want out of a Session Zero.  I just used it...

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