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Destroying Clever Maps

In the early days of published adventures, quite a few dungeon features were used in a clever* manner to add confusion to the mix. This confusion was largely placed on the shoulders of the players, especially those that tried to create a player map to track where the party had been and where they...

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Finish Strong

Over the last few years, my gaming group has gotten really good at something… finishing campaigns. We have over the last two years and four campaigns been able to bring our campaigns to a satisfying conclusion before moving to the next game. This is in contrast with nearly all my past...

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With the start of the new year, some folks are starting to think about processing and paying their taxes for the previous year. I’m certainly one of them since I have more complex taxes than the Average Joe. Deductions. Expenses. 1099 income. W2 income. So on and so forth…. Another...

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It’s Ok To Stop A Good Game

In nearly every way you can gauge how a campaign is going, my Things From The Flood game was knocking it out of the park. The story was gripping and grim, the players were dialed into their characters (the grown-up kids from my Tales From The Loop game). Our sessions were intense. We were dealing...

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It’s Retcon Time!

A long time ago… No. Even longer ago than that. Yes. That far back. We’re going to change reality for that long ago, and that change is going to ripple forward into the current time. I’m not talking about going back in time to kill someone we all consider the epitome of evil....

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Tapping an Old Vein

About a year and a half ago, I was in one of my local used book stores searching for ancient tomes. While perusing the shelves, I stumbled across a large collection of books by the same author: David Eddings. He hit it big in the 1980s and had quite a prolific career through the 1990s and into the...

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