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Nostalgia Gaming

Recently, I had the chance to do something I never thought was possible. After 36 years, I returned to the table with most of my high school gaming group to play a game. I spent a few weeks preparing for it and ran two sessions during the weekend. It went fantastically, and along the way, I...

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The Crusty Old Gnome: Tips for New Game Masters

Face to face, out in the heat, hanging tough, staying hungry…                                                                                                                                              — Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger” In a proud GM Dad moment, my eldest daughter just ran her...

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Planning By Mad Libs

Planning in RPGs has always been a problem. On one hand, it’s often necessary for a group of players to plan out something their characters are trying to accomplish. On the other, most groups are not adept at planning, and even if they were, the activity is never that exciting at the table –...

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Focusing Player Attention with Description

As the GM, you are your players’ eyes, ears, and other senses. The choices you make when describing your game literally build the way they perceive their characters’ world, and their perceptions of the world will determine their actions. When they latch onto the wrong thing, be it the goblin barkeep instead of the mysterious figure in the corner or the stale corner of bread instead of the bloody murder weapon, nine times out of 10, it’s a failure of description.

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Written by a team of veteran Gamers and Gamemasters, Gnome Stew is a widely read gaming blog with multiple awards, ennies, and thousands of articles. We’re dedicated to helping gamers have more fun at the gaming table.

What Are People Saying?

What are people saying?

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