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First introduced to RPGs through the DnD Red Box Set in 1990, Matt fights an ongoing battle with GMing ADD, leaving his to-do list littered with the broken wrecks of half-formed campaigns, worlds, characters, settings, and home-brewed systems. Luckily, his wife is also a GM, providing him with time on both sides of the screen.

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Cheat-Sheets: Good for Everyone!

I’m the “new bizarre game I found on the Internet” guy in my group. There’s always some oddball game I want to introduce everyone to. Given my GM ADD, when I do get them to play a game, these are almost always one-shots, so I don’t expect anyone to actually sit down and memorize rules. Instead I make up a cheat-sheet that goes over character building and common action...

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The Star Wars Arsonist Strikes Back!

In response to my article “The Concept of a Star Wars RPG Should Die in a Fire”, the Star Wars community, as represented by has realized how untenable their hobby is. We’re getting together for a podcast to discuss the necessary transition from Star Wars to other RPG options on the evening of the 7th,...

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You Think you Know a Genre…

You think you know a little something about a genre, then you uncover a fact that turns everything on it’s ear. Here’s a little sample: In 1968, John A. Russo and George A. Romero pioneered a new genre in film with Night of the Living Dead, generally accepted to be the...

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Don’t Table your Table

This article is second in a three part series.  You can read the first part here, and the last part here. My esteemed colleague may tell you different, but the ultimate gaming location is the table. RPGs draw their roots from tabletop wargaming, and despite the notable lack of scantily clad elven babes chained to dank stone walls, the venerable wargame got at least one thing right: the table. The...

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Not just your grandpappy’s RPG

Rust, over on posted a link to an excellent resource for GMs who want to crack open their old school rpg books or who want to stir some ol’ school flavor into their modern RPGs. It’s called A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming, It’s written by Matthew Finch, and it’s available as a free...

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When the Canon goes off…

I love to give my DM a hard time.  It’s just playful teasing and part of how i have fun in the game.  For example, my DM uses large monsters a lot but uses 1″x2″ bases to represent them and I’m fond of teasing her how her current tactical setup would be impossible were she using the “correct” basing. Yesterday, after game, she told me “I was so worried...

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Surgery on Gnomes is Expensive!

Alright. I admit it. It’s just a guess. I’ve never played in a game that had gnomes, surgery, and currency based economics, so I can’t prove that surgery is one of those things that’s effected by size category. I just get the gut feeling that since gnomes are small, the higher...

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Learning from the Classics: Ultima Exodus

I found a while back.  For the NES junkies out there like me, Nesfiles is a site that allows you to play emulated NES games in your browser. Go nuts. I’m not sure of the legalities of emulators though, so go nuts at your own risk. One of the games I found there that I had loved years ago was Ultima Exodus. Despite the fact that it’s a video...

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Learning from the Classics

Reading Ben Robbins’ recent post on Ars Ludi on Major Wesely the first GM, featured on our August 8th Link Roundup, I was struck with the fact that as RPG GMs, players and designers we’re the last generation that will ever be able to say that we’ve experienced firsthand the entirety of the history of our hobby. The older the hobby gets, the harder it will be to get our hands...

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