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Blogging for GMs Roundup

The Blogging for GMs project has ended, with 19 posts by 10 different RPG bloggers, and 9 additional posts from me, for a total of 28 posts. A wide range of topics of interest to GMs were covered — you can check out the Blogging for GMs Project category to view all of the posts that were...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 31

Today is the last day of the Blogging for GMs project, day 31! I received two entries over the weekend: • Jonas Karlsson contributed God Proposes, Man Disposes. • Frank Filz wrote An example of prep for Cold Iron. Both Jonas and Frank have written posts for the Blogging for GMs project...

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Getting Inspired by LARPs

Every year at GenCon, I try to make it a point to play in at least one LARP (Live Action Role-Playing game). The main reason, of course, is that LARPs can be a lot of fun — and since they’re production-intensive, I don’t tend to get too many chances to play them. LARPing is also...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 25

The Blogging for GMs project is in its final week, and we’ve got 3 posts for day 25: • Frank Filz contributed Game Master Characters. • Arref Mak posted Amber: high school age startup. • Brannon Hollingsworth has started a new series of posts, with GM Inspiration, Week 1. This...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 21

The Blogging for GMs project is on day 21 — there are only 10 days left for you to contribute! Here’s today’s entry: • Frank Filz has posted an essay entitled Frustration with non-combat abilities in a gamist combat RPG. In addition to being a regular commenter here on TT,...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 20

It’s day 20 of the Blogging for GMs project — here’s today’s post: • Cayzle has contributed Torture in role play games. Cayzle’s post is actually from a few days ago, and we must have crossed wires somewhere — I only just learned about it, in the comments...

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Creating Ambience

Halloween is coming up (along with the end of the Blogging for GMs project, currently on day 18), so this seems like a good time to offer up 5 tips on creating ambience for your game. Along with where you play, the nature of your surroundings can — however subtly — have a lot of impact...

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It Came From The Stew Pot

Calling all Writers! Come write for Gnome Stew!

We are always looking for new articles and gnomes to throw in the stew. Drop an article proposal over at

Guest authors get paid the same per article rate as full time staff gnomes.


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