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The Boot of Doom: One Cool Prop

This past Friday, Tom Bisbee (AKA Gospog) ran the first season finale session of his steampunk campaign — in which the PCs fought a 300-foot golem: It goes without saying that in addition to being an all-around nice guy, Tom is an amazing minis painter and sculptor. I’m an evil...

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Building a Soundtrack for Your Game

For the Burning Empires pitch session I’m running tonight, I tried something new: I put together a custom soundtrack. (That’s Treasure Tables HQ in the picture.) I’ve used music in my games before, but in the past I’ve always just popped in an appropriate CD and let it run....

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The Power of Video for GMs

Back in middle school, I was the player in a solo campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. When my character first entered the desert of Anauroch, my friend flipped on his TV and played a short clip from a movie he’d cued up. It showed the windswept, rock-strewn badlands one often encounters at...

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Lego Star Destroyer: The Power of Props

Doesn’t this just make you want to run a Star Wars game? With 1,367 pieces and 75 steps, this is easily the most involved Lego kit I’ve ever put together. It took me 3 1/2 hours to build, and the finished ship is two feet long. This Star Destroyer is a smaller version (scaled for use...

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Setting the Mood with Art and Toys

Great gaming can happen almost anywhere, just like great sex. But just like sex, it helps to set the mood. If you have a designated gaming area in your house, put up some gaming-related art. It doesn’t have to be wall-to-wall Conan posters, just a couple of carefully chosen pieces that make...

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Props for Everyone!

Random GMing idea #276: Ask each of your players to bring a game-related prop to the next session. The prop could be anything that enhances the game for the whole group — a plastic sword, a hand-drawn map of the team’s HQ, a bag of plastic Pieces of Eight, a mix CD of background music,...

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