Today is the last day of the Blogging for GMs project, day 31! I received two entries over the weekend:

Jonas Karlsson contributed God Proposes, Man Disposes.
Frank Filz wrote An example of prep for Cold Iron.

Both Jonas and Frank have written posts for the Blogging for GMs project before, and I’m pleased to be able to round out the project with their work. Jonas’s intriguingly-titled post delves into some roleplaying theory as it pertains to the independent RPG Sorcerer, and to gaming in general. Frank’s entry discusses preparing to run a game with the homebrewed Cold Iron system (authored by Mark Christiansen), and relates to a comment he made here on TT.

Thank you Jonas and Frank, and thank you to everyone who contributed to the Blogging for GMs project! I’ll be posting a quick “project roundup” tomorrow to officially wrap things up.