Link roundups like this one make me feel like I’m behind…

Deeper in the Game: Chris Chinn has been back since July, and I didn’t find out until this week! Chris wrote the now-defunct RPG theory blog Deep in the Game, as well as the TT post Social Contracts for RPG Groups.

His old blog was one of my regular reads, and Chris is a very smart guy. Like a lot of theory-oriented folks, it looks like these days he’s mostly writing about his RPG-in-progress (The Emperor’s Heart), but his dips into other stuff — like three-tiered conflict webs — look promising from an advice/ideas standpoint.

Backdrop Plots: May You Live In Interesting Times: Ben Robbins advises GMs to use a backdrop plot to provide context, contrast and a sense of immersion for the foreground plot — the stuff that’s actually going on in your sessions. It’s an awesome idea, expressed clearly and succinctly. Why hasn’t Ben published a book of GMing advice yet?

Now, When I SAY “Cinematic,” I Don’t Really MEAN “Cinematic”: TT reader Carolina emailed me about this article in J.D. Wiker’s LiveJournal (thanks, Carolina!) — it’s all about the difference between perception and reality when it comes to cinematic characters in RPGs.

Poking around a bit, I also like Locations with Character, which resonates well with the TT post The Hub: Home Sweet Base. I love the idea of assigning personality traits to HQs and treating them (somewhat) like NPCs.