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Describing a PC’s Death?

Except under unusual circumstances, you won’t get time to prepare for character deaths — crappy rolls, bad luck and other spur-of-the-moment factors will make sure of that. Personally, I haven’t had many PC deaths on my watch, but thinking back I’m pretty sure I’ve...

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Non-Mechanical Rewards for Powerful PCs

TT reader clem (who goes by clem in the comments, too) is running a seafaring campaign with advanced characters, and he’s finding that his players need different kinds of rewards for their PCs. He recently shared this with me via email: The characters are about as good at what they do as...

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Campaign Prequels

TT reader Joaquim Ball-llosera (Quim in the comments), co-founder of the Spanish indie RPG company Maqui Edicions, emailed me this nifty idea. He was gracious enough to let me share it with you — thanks, Quim! – – – – – While designing my new Rifts campaign, I...

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Musings, Collusion Kills and Excel Maps

To celebrate TT’s new three-column layout (ahem), how about three GMing links? • Musings of the Chatty DM: Phil’s got some good stuff to say about GMing (and other topics, too) — try The Rule of Cool to get started, or dive into part one of his four-part series about...

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Incorporating a New PC: The Magellan

There are three reasons you might need to incorporate a new PC into an ongoing campaign: 1. One of the PCs dies or is otherwise permanently removed from play (goes insane, etc.). 2. To replace an un-fun PC. 3. A new player joins your group. Not penalizing players for bringing in a new PC is a...

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The Californication Principle

Alysia and I have gotten sucked into Showtime’s Californication, which is much better than its premise — washed-up writer has lots of one-night stands while trying to fix his life — suggests, largely because of David Duchovny. Before we started watching it, I read a review of the...

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Meet Bob’s Brother, Cob

Jolly Blackburn’s excellent “Knights of the Dinner Table” comic strip has tackled this topic, but it’s never come up on TT: What do you do when a player’s character dies and instead of creating a new PC, your player erases the “B” in Bob, fills in a...

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