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Recurring Elements: Bond’s Fast, Sexy Car

Think about James Bond for a moment. He’s defined in part by recurring elements — character traits and actions, of course, but also something more interesting for our purposes as GMs: fast, sexy cars. Bond always drives a sports car (tricked out with rocket launchers and so forth, of...

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Campaign Prequels

TT reader Joaquim Ball-llosera (Quim in the comments), co-founder of the Spanish indie RPG company Maqui Edicions, emailed me this nifty idea. He was gracious enough to let me share it with you — thanks, Quim! – – – – – While designing my new Rifts campaign, I...

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How Much Do You Recycle Between Campaigns?

I’m back from Michigan but nowhere near caught up (we had a great time). Luckily, TT reader Walt C. posed a question via email while I was gone: How much of your material do you recycle between campaigns? (Great question, Walt — thanks!) And to be clear, Walt’s question...

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GMing Short Weeknight Games

Summer is always a bad time for my group when it comes to actually getting a chance to play, and that’s due in part to the fact that we game every Saturday: when stuff comes up, it’s often on Saturdays. One option might be to throw a weeknight game into the mix — much like having...

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Campaign Worlds Should be Shaken, Not Stirred

In the same way that you should drive your NPCs like a rental, you shouldn’t be afraid to shake up your campaign world — whether it’s a homebrewed world, a published setting, a variation on the real world, etc. Unless you’re ending your campaign with a bang, shaking things...

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The Californication Principle

Alysia and I have gotten sucked into Showtime’s Californication, which is much better than its premise — washed-up writer has lots of one-night stands while trying to fix his life — suggests, largely because of David Duchovny. Before we started watching it, I read a review of the...

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Campaigns: Starting Up Again After a Hiatus

Tomorrow night, my group is picking up our D&D campaign after a couple months on hiatus (due to time commitments, travel and the like). Our GM, Sam, knows his stuff — this isn’t a roundabout way to tell him what to do tomorrow, I just thought it would be an interesting topic to...

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