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Blogging for GMs Roundup

The Blogging for GMs project has ended, with 19 posts by 10 different RPG bloggers, and 9 additional posts from me, for a total of 28 posts. A wide range of topics of interest to GMs were covered — you can check out the Blogging for GMs Project category...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 31

Today is the last day of the Blogging for GMs project, day 31! I received two entries over the weekend: • Jonas Karlsson contributed God Proposes, Man Disposes. • Frank Filz wrote An example of prep for Cold Iron. Both Jonas and Frank have written posts for the Blogging...

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Getting Inspired by LARPs

Every year at GenCon, I try to make it a point to play in at least one LARP (Live Action Role-Playing game). The main reason, of course, is that LARPs can be a lot of fun — and since they’re production-intensive, I don’t tend to get too many chances...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 25

The Blogging for GMs project is in its final week, and we’ve got 3 posts for day 25: • Frank Filz contributed Game Master Characters. • Arref Mak posted Amber: high school age startup. • Brannon Hollingsworth has started a new series of posts, with GM Inspiration, Week 1....

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The Tape Trick

I’ve used this for years, and you’ll either love it or look at me funny when you hear it: anywhere that you need to frequently change numbers — say, hit points on a character sheet — just stick a piece of non-glossy clear tape over that spot, and then...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 21

The Blogging for GMs project is on day 21 — there are only 10 days left for you to contribute! Here’s today’s entry: • Frank Filz has posted an essay entitled Frustration with non-combat abilities in a gamist combat RPG. In addition to being a regular commenter here on...

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Mature Themes in RPGs

When you’re running a game for adults, how far is too far when it comes to subject matter? Many games take an implicit stance on this issue by simply not including rules or references to “adult” topics, but some take an explicit stance on one end of the spectrum...

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