We all love GenCon, but few of us can say that they love Event Registration.  As a rite of passage, surviving Event Registration is one of the first steps on the path of GenCon nirvana.

In years past, the Event Registration process has been agonizing with  sever timeouts and customers trapped in the payment system.  This year, GenCon LLC has rolled out RUBI, their new Registration system.  There have been promises that RUBI will be faster, stronger, able to handle more transactions.

Today is RUBI’s baptisim by fire.  At Noon (EST) RUBI opened for True Dungeon Registration, and at 3pm it opens for general registration.

We would like to hear from you today, about your Registration experiences.  Let us know how RUBI is doing.  Now if year’s past is any indication of the afternoon to come, please keep your comments polite; impassioned but polite.

Oh…and good luck.