It is time for me to announce the three randomly chosen players for my first “Game with a Gnome” online session. I could just put the names up here, but what fun would that be? Instead imagine you are in a darkened theater and on the screen a large green box with white lettering appears and you read “The following preview has been rated GG for Gnomey Goodness by little men in red felt hats.”

Cue that guy with the perfect film trailer narrator voice…

In a land where the people called a gnome master…

Three souls dared to step forward to sling virtual dice across an online tabletop.

  • Part man, part beast, and all hero he ran as a lone wolf until now — the ferocious Wulfgar!
  • Most play by the rules, but one person refused to go along with the system. Only recursive.faults makes being bad look good, again, and again, and again!
  • It was a threat to the powers that be. It knew too much. It had a confusing username. It is itilaf!

Now they must join forces to discover the secrets behind a world created by a being who wears a pointy hat that is taller than he is. They must “Game with a Gnome!”

The game is on April 9th!

And cut!

You can squelch that film trailer narrator voice playing in your head. He gets annoying after a while anyhow.

Congratulations Wulfgar, recursive.faults, and itilaf!

The players were chosen at random by generating numbers using the web site RANDOM.ORG to correspond with the order in which unique first comments were made in response to the original article. Thank you to all of you who commented with the hope of being a part of the game! I wish I could run a game for every reader who is interested, and I may be doing this again if it goes well this first time.

Wulfgar, recursive.faults, and itilaf can expect to see an email from me soon with all of the details regarding the game. They will share their experiences as players in the game with me, and I will use that to write a follow-up article to share with all of you regarding our experience with using a virtual tabletop to game with. Until then feel free to ask any questions regarding how I plan to run the game by leaving a comment below, or to congratulate the players in the first “Game with a Gnome” event!