Commenting System Changes and User Cleanup

Brick wall with text "Account Cleanup 2021" AND gnome with a cleaver.

Heads up everyone who has a Gnome Stew registered account – we are going to be performing an account cleanup on the site and removing accounts without comments or ones that have remained unused.


Commenting on internet blogs has changed a lot in the 13 years we’ve been doing Gnome Stew (jeebus I feel old) and registered accounts aren’t as effective at preventing spam or where internet communities gather as much. Since we’ve opened up commenting to not require it, we’re going to focus on better spam protections there and other ways to connect with the community.

What Accounts Get Saved?

If you have a comment on a post we will preserve the account. If you comment on this post asking to have your account saved, we will preserve it. Patreon linked accounts will be saved. Contributor (Guest Author) accounts will get saved.

What About New Accounts? 

We have turned off new account registration. If you would like to sign up for a registered account, our Patreon backers have account rewards and can log in with patreon.

How Does This Affect Patrons?

It shouldn’t at all and we are going to keep any past patreon backers accounts around as well.

So… what should I do if I want to keep my account?

  • Comment on this post before 03/06/2021 with a comment asking to keep your account.
  • You can also become a patron to help us keep paying authors and guest authors.
  • Send unused inspiration / plot points to gnome stew authors to help keep them out of the stew. (Joking… maybe…)

This post is brought to you by our wonderful patron Erekíbeon Barbagrís, supporting us since July 2016! Thanks for helping us keep the stew fires going!

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  1. Spare me, please, Choppy the Gnome!


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Account Cleanup

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Brick wall with text "Account Cleanup 2021" AND gnome with a cleaver.

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