Today we gnomes want to bring you, our faithful readers, a chance to do the following:

  • Expand your collection of RPGs. You know that you want to.
  • Help others who are in need. You know that you need the good karma.

Well here are not one, but two ways with which you can do both!

Two Scooters Press — Sight For Sore Eyes Benefit Bundle

Two Scooters Press is offering a six game bundle for $10. You will get the following titles:

  • Mars Colony, by Tim Koppang
  • Polaris, by Ben Lehman
  • Remember Tomorrow, by Gregor Hutton
  • Murderland, by Elizabeth Shoemaker
  • Perfect, Unrevised by Joe McDaldno– along with all the reference sheets
  • Geasa, by Jonathan Lavalee
  • And a special, bundle-only Apocalypse World character class: THE HOARDER, by D. Vincent Baker

The best part though is that all of the funds raised from the sale of the bundle will go to Karla, a single mother who is suffering from retinitis pigmentosa which is a genetic disorder that eventually causes blindness. Karla is making a list of things that she wants to do with her daughter while her sight is still with her, and this money will help to her accomplish that. You will not just be getting games and helping Karla, you will be helping Karla’s daughter as well.

Drive Thru RPG – New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Relief

Drive Thru RPG is offering a bundle of 43 RPG products for $20. You will get over $330 worth of RPG games and supplements including:

  • Margaret Weis Productions’ Supernatural Role Playing Game
  • Wildfire’s CthuluTech Core Book
  • RPGPundit’s GnomeMurdered RPG (which makes us worry)
  • and much, much more!

Again, the real treasure here is that you will be helping the New Zealand Red Cross bring aid and relief to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand which was recently struck by a devastating earthquake. You can also donate directly to the New Zealand Red Cross if you prefer.

$30 = 1 Amazing Gaming Geekgasm

Spread the word about these two offers and help two worthy causes as well! Not only will you have more games to play a hero in, but you will actually be a hero for someone else during their time of need.

Have you purchased either of these packages? Do you know of more ways that gamers can help others and get cool RPG goodies? If so, share your information with the rest of us in the comments section below.