Back in April, on my personal Facebook page, I’d posted a photo of a diorama that I’d done years ago detailing the base town of our gaming group’s campaign, Steffenhold.

11165112_10153290543844511_4167843869954461281_o-2Based on comments from that post, there’s been a request I do more on Steffenhold for Gnome Stew.

Deciding what I should do, though, required some thought. What would GMs appreciate most?

What I came up with is a new adventure — a campaign starter — focused on the three-spired structure across the Serene River from the town of Steffenhold. And because it is the holidays, I’ve decided to share that adventure with you, loyal readers of Gnome Stew.

It’s about 17 pages long. It includes some npcs central to the campaign, and an adventure to retrieve an object important to the history of the frontier town.

I hope you enjoy it. You can download the adventure here:  Courtyard_Ravens_Adv_v2.