Good stuff for GMs from around the web:

You Could Learn A Lot From Lou Scheimer (Part I): Over on I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow, Dr. Rotwang has a great post about running pulp sessions where the action literally never lets up. His jumping-off point is the 1979 pilot of the animated Flash Gordon series, which features a ludricous number of fights and chases in just 22 minutes.

d20 Hit Point Piles: Always one to take rules in different directions, ars ludi author Ben Robbins proposes that similar mooks pool their HP, rather than being tracked individually. He’s talking d20, but I can see this applying nicely to other systems, too.

Cartographers’ Guild: If you like creating maps, take a peek at the Cartographers’ Guild website. They’ve got forums for works in progress, discussing mapping software and more. I’ve never seen a site devoted to mappers before, and it looks like they’ve got a good community going.