Five years ago today, Gnome Stew went live with 10 articles and around 250 RSS subscribers. In that five years we’ve published around 1,400 articles, had 1.7 million visitors, drawn 25,000 comments, won three ENnie Awards and an RPG Site of the Year Award, and published three GMing books (soon to be four).

The Stew has gone places and done things I never expected. We’ve had some downs, but it’s been mostly ups — and the ups have been pretty damned awesome. And much of that, so much of that, is because of you, our readers. You motivate us, read our work, comment on our articles, nominate us for awards, buy our books, and contribute to a fantastic GMing community here on the site.

Five years in, I’m thrilled the Stew is still doing what we set out to do: helping GMs. GMs rock, our readers rock, and we want to keep on helping GMs have more fun at the gaming table for another five years and beyond. None of which happens without you, our readers, so please allow me to say thank you.

No, more emphatically than that:

Thank you!


You’re awesome, and we appreciate your time, your feedback, and everything you’ve done for us. Happy gaming!