SaveAgstFear_Final Logo 1Here’s a quick Gnome Spotting update:

September 4th-6th I’ll be in Harrisburg PA, at Save Against Fear 2015 running some games of 1000 Blank White Cards. I’ve never been before (I didn’t even know about it!) but luckily, one of their special guests is an old college friend of mine and he tipped me off about it.

If you go, feel free to hunt me down and say Hello. I’ll even wear my official Gnome Stew t-shirt to make it easy to tell you’ve got the right middle aged paunchy bearded guy. I may even have a special surprise for you…

Here’s some info from the con’s website. You can also find more information in their press release.

Save Against Fear is a 3 day tabletop gaming convention to raise awareness for therapeutic gaming and the Bodhana Group’s mission of reducing the impact of sexual abuse. All proceeds benefit TBG’s efforts to serve our community through support groups, parent and professional education programs, and the development of our own therapeutic games.

This year we will be combining our board and card game event, Meeples & Peoples Against Abuse, with Save Against Fear, providing you a full range tabletop gaming experience all weekend long that includes the following:

Special Guest Speakers
Tournaments, Panel Discussions, and Workshops
Charity Auction
Board Game Demonstrations
An Open Game Library including over 300 board, card, and role playing games
After Hours Gaming
The Traditional Save Against Fear Bake Sale

Central Hotel & Conference Center
800 East Park Drive   
Harrisburg, PA 17111