Recently on TT we’ve looked at the longest sessions you’ve ever run, and at some models for GMing short sessions on weeknights.

With session length on the brain, TT reader and frequent commenter Walt C. emailed me to suggest this two-part GMing question (thanks, Walt!): What’s your ideal session length, and what’s the shortest session you’d be comfortable running?

For my part, I love the four-hour session; six hours is a close second (but not five — why is that?). Just enough time to get a lot done, but not enough time to dawdle. As far as short sessions go, I could see running a single robust encounter in one hour, or a couple of linked encounters — for a demo, maybe — in two hours. I’ve never done that, though.

How about you?

(I’ll be in Michigan from Thursday, September 20th through Monday, September 24th. As always, I’ve cued up a post for every day that I’ll be gone, but I probably won’t be able to respond to comments or emails. Have fun, and I’ll see you on Tuesday! — Martin)