Commenting on Adventure Notes: One Page per Encounter, TT reader Millsy said:

“On a related note, I’d find it really useful to see links to other GM’s notes. […] Is there any more demand for this?”

I thought that was an excellent idea (thanks, Millsy!), so I figured I’d get the ball rolling with notes I wrote for a session back in 2005. This campaign was a mixed bag, and it’s pretty easy to see why from my notes: I look at them now and think, “That was supposed to be a session?” Oy.

In any case, here they are: Selgaunt-Session-Six.rtf.

I’d also love to read your notes, and to share them with the TT community. If that sounds good to you, you’re welcome to email notes to me at martin(at)treasuretables(dot)org and have me host them here, or share a link in the comments. I’ll update this post with any notes/links I’ve received when I’m back from my trip.

Update: I’m back, and I’ve got notes from fellow GMs to share!

Uncle Dark‘s notes for Episode 5: Skinwalker (.doc)

Troy Taylor‘s notes for Murder of Constance Grace (PDF)

Millsy‘s own notes for Little Shop of Pink Horrors (.rtf)

SoCalGamer’s SG-1 Scenario Library

(Not included, unfortunately, are Philippe-Antoine’s incredibly detailed TiddlyWiki files for one of his D&D adventures (inspired by TT’s own Using a GMing Wiki: It Slices, It Dices PDF, no less!). Philippe-Antoine scans in maps from Dungeon, and while that’s not going to cause any problems at home, I don’t feel comfortable posting those scans here.)

Thanks to everyone who sent in their notes! Reading them feels a bit like seeing into another GM’s brain, which is an interesting experience.

(I’ll be in Michigan from Thursday, September 20th through Monday, September 24th. As always, I’ve cued up a post for every day that I’ll be gone, but I probably won’t be able to respond to comments or emails. Have fun, and I’ll see you on Tuesday! — Martin)