For today, two GMing links and a smidgen of commentary on GMing blogs:

Co-DMing: Heed Your Dungeon Mentor: This recent Stupid Ranger post offers a behind-the-scenes look at one GM’s experience with co-GMing. The author, Vanir, backed up Dante, who was the main GM for the adventure, and he learned some good lessons in the process.

D&D Instant Campaign Builder – Official Release: Over at Dungeon Mastering, Yax’s Instant Campaign Builder PDF is full of good advice for starting up a campaign. From hype to props to planting, this free PDF collects all 10 posts in the series, and it’s not just for D&D.

When I started TT just over two years ago, it was partly because I couldn’t find any regularly-updated sites for GMs that worked quite the way I wanted them to. There were (and are!) plenty of good sites for GMs, but no one really seemed to be taking advantage of what blogging in particular had to offer.

Dungeon Mastering and Stupid Ranger are firing on all cylinders. With four authors producing quality content, Stupid Ranger delivers more good stuff than any single-author blog (ahem) can hope to keep up with. I’m consistently impressed with the quality of Yax’s work on Dungeon Mastering, and with how often he posts — and his layout makes me think it might be time for another TT redesign.

The GMing community is richer for your contributions. Keep it up!

(I’ll be in Michigan from Thursday, September 20th through Monday, September 24th. As always, I’ve cued up a post for every day that I’ll be gone, but I probably won’t be able to respond to comments or emails. Have fun, and I’ll see you on Tuesday! — Martin)