Preorders for our newest book, Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, are chugging right along! We’ve taken 63 preorders so far — thank you to everyone who has preordered so far!

Ebook versions

Our graphic designer and tech guru, Darren Hardy, has finished the ebook and plain text versions of Focal Point! The delay was my fault, not his; this has been a rough, busy year.

When you preorder, the digital edition you’ll receive within 24 hours now includes:

  • DRM-free, bookmarked, hyperlinked PDF
  • .epub
  • .mobi
  • .azw3 (Kindle native)
  • Plain text (great for text-to-speech readers and cut/paste into your GMing notes!)

As promised, I’ve also circled back and sent all preorder customers an updated zip file/download link that includes the full package. Thanks for your patience!

If you didn’t receive your file/link, please check your spam folder/filter and drop me a line if it’s not in there (martin enginepublishing com).

The proof is in!

I’ve gotten the Focal Point proof back from the printer, and it looks great!

Note: No hairy arms are included with preorder copies.

If you haven’t preordered yet, drop by the Engine Publishing store to check out the options, or download the PDF preview to see if Focal Point sounds like a good addition to your GMing library.

And as always, if you have any questions about the book or the preorder, ask away! I’ll be happy to help.