This will probably be my last look at Dicing With Dragons, the 1982 introduction to RPGs that we’ve discussed in Dicing With Dragons on the Crisis Point and DWD on Published Scenarios — the GMing chapter is only nine pages long, after all.

The good news is that, whether your favorite book or film is Lord of the Rings, Dune, 2001, Star Wars, the Darkover series — whatever — then you can re-create it through roleplaying.

Off the cuff, I couldn’t disagree more with this one.

Sure, you can play in all of those worlds, experiencing many of the things that made the fiction/movie so enjoyable — but actually re-creating them is a whole different ball of wax.

Most RPGs have trouble modeling fictional sources, and the biggest reason for this is that most RPGs put PC death on the table in every conflict — Luke dying in A New Hope is always a possibility.

I’ve looked at this disconnect before, in …And Then James Bond Spends a Month in the Hospital, and it’s a toughie. (Games like Primetime Adventures, which is designed to model TV shows, are the exception, not the rule.)

What do you think — can most RPGs re-create fictional narratives, or are there fundamental differences that make this almost impossible to pull off? And as a GM, what can you do to make your games more fiction-y without losing what makes them RPGs?