Commenting on Your Voice is Your Most Important GMing Tool, TT reader Walt C. said:

For the longest time, I envisioned my campaigns as if they were television series. The analogy, while useful, didn’t quite gel.

That’s when I realized that running an RPG in a “tv style” is actually more akin to a radio serial.

I see the TV series analogy as applying more to the structure of adventures and campaigns (my friend Don’s primer on writing TV-style scenarios is a good example of this), while the radio serial analogy offers insight into how to handle presentation and ensure clarity in your descriptions. Definitely a useful anaology — thanks, Walt!

(Here are four more GMing analogies, from most useful to least useful: Being a Player is Like Using a Flashlight, Being a GM is Like Using a 150 Watt Bulb, The Four-Legged Stool and — stretching the definition of “useful” — GMing is Like a Sausage.)