I heard about the Story Games Name Project a few months back, and checked in to see if it was nearing completion. Apparently, it is: here’s a sample PDF that will give you a good idea of what to expect from the SGNP.

It looks good — tons of names, friendly layout, simple and useful. If you want NPC names from different cultures, have trouble coming up with names on the fly or need a bit of name-related inspiration, this is one to keep an eye on.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any info on when it’s coming out or in what form (if you happen to know, please tell us in the comments!). In the meantime, Coming Up With, and Using, NPC Names, here on TT, offers 27 ways to name your NPCs.

Story Games itself, the forum that’s home to the SGNP, is a pretty neat place. They specifically requested that folks only be told about Story Games “One on one, or in small, controlled groups,” which is why I didn’t link to them sooner. I’ve since seen links to Story Games in a variety of other places, so I figured it’d be okay to share.