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A gamer for 30 years, Phil cut his teeth on Moldvay D&D and has tried to run everything else since then. He has had the fortune to be gaming with the same group for almost 20 years. When not blogging or writing RPG books, Phil is a husband, father, and project manager. More about Phil.

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TV Case Study: Lost

Hello, and welcome to the first TV Case Study. In this new series of articles, I will focus on a single TV show and pick out some elements that are key parts of the TV show, and show you how you can apply them to your campaigns. Our first...

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A GM’s Day Tribute

Happy GM’s Day to all you GM’s, DM’s, and Screen Monkeys out there.  GM’s day is a day to thank the GM’s who run the games you play, for all their hard work and dedication for preparing sessions, mediating rules disputes, bending the rules to let you get into...

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Accessory Madness

Recently, I started a Witchcraft campaign and while setting up for it, I was struck with a sudden panic.  Where were all my accessories I needed in order to run this game?  I had the rulebook, a few supplements in PDF, and some dice.  But somehow I felt that I did not have enough stuff to run my game. So what kind of stuff am I talking about?  Well...

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Recapping With Style

I have been a fan of using recaps at the opening of my sessions for many years. Over the years I have tried a number of different recapping techniques as a way to make the process a bit more interesting. Recently I started using a new technique for presenting...

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Lessons From The Long Campaign: Wrapping It Up

At some point all good things must end.  The epic campaign drives towards the epic climax, which when it resolves, often signals the ending of the campaign.  As the heroes stand victorious, having defeated evil, saved the world, etc, you must now bring your campaign to an end fitting...

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Why You Can’t Always Go Home Again

Over the years, I have GMed a number of different RPG’s, and over the years, I have noticed that there are some games you can play over and over, and other ones that you cannot run again and generate the same feeling, like the first time. I started to...

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Group Lovin’ For Your Wiki

The Wiki. A self-editing web page. A Swiss Army Knife application. It has been hailed as the office savior and reviled as the destroyer of corporate culture. It has reached the techno buzzword status in corporate America. That’s all fine and dandy for the boardroom, but what about the game table? How can your campaign benefit from a wiki? Let’s take a look. To understand how a wiki can...

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The Backup Game

Recently my gaming group has gone through a bit of a gaming drought. We have had a number of cancellations occur over the past few weeks, where a single person could not make it to the session. Sometimes that person was the GM, and other times it was one...

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Don’t Fall For These RPG Arguments

In the world of RPG’s there are several classic RPG arguments that float around on various RPG blogs, message boards, and even raise their head in seminars at gaming conventions. I like to call these arguments, “spam arguments” because they are as original as the Nigerian 419 email message,...

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