Pink shirts are all well and good, but when it comes right down to it I can think of at least two GMing challenges that have intimidated me for years:

  • Running a convention game. Reading Carolina‘s excellent TT post I Was a Virgin Convention GM was a good step, but this one still intimidates me — and it has for a long time. It’s easily the single most intimidating GMing-related thing I can think of.
  • Oddly enough, running a Star Trek game. I set out to do this back in college, and after buying and reading a metric shit-ton of books — on top of all the Trek I’ve watched over the years — I just didn’t think I could live up to it. I love Trek, and I know it’s silly, but after nearly a decade of not feeling like I could do it justice, that’s a tough hill to climb.

So how about it — when it comes to GMing, what intimates you? And what used to intimidate you until you just bucked up and gave it a shot, and what did you learn in the process?