This past Friday, Tom Bisbee (AKA Gospog) ran the first season finale session of his steampunk campaign — in which the PCs fought a 300-foot golem:

It goes without saying that in addition to being an all-around nice guy, Tom is an amazing minis painter and sculptor. I’m an evil overlord in Tom’s game (check out our PDF: Evil Overlords: Faction Players in Your Game), and it’s things like this that make me wish I was part of his face-to-face group.

I mean, if you had the option, wouldn’t you like to kick out props like this? And as a player, wouldn’t your jaw have hit the floor when Tom popped that sucker on the table?

I know mine would have, and that’s why I wanted to share this photo (thanks, Tom!) — I can’t paint or sculpt like Tom, but this prop is definitely an inspiration.