Over the weekend, TT reader tsuyoshikentsu emailed me about Pandemonium Books, a Massachusetts gaming store that’s close to going under. He asked me to mention their fund drive on TT — instead of just quietly fading away, they’re trying to sell 1,000 T-shirts to stay afloat (here’s the order page).

I’m sympathetic to their situation — from their website, it looks like a great store — but I needed to find a GMing angle before I felt comfortable posting about their fundraiser (I’m always wary of using TT as a soapbox). And having seen several gaming stores go out of business over the years, Pandemonium’s financial woes do raise a larger question for GMs.

Whether your LGS (local gaming store) is a great shop, a so-so one or even a bad one, what does your LGS mean to you as a GM? And what would you lose if it went out of business?