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Create Your Own Games on Demand

  Do you have too many games just collecting dust on your bookshelves? Is it a struggle to get your players to try something new? Are you just too busy to finish reading that new tome of a game book?   You are not alone. As Convention Coordinator for the Indie Game Developer Network and...

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Gleemax: MySpace for Gamers?

Via Gaming Report, I saw that Wizards of the Coast has just launched Gleemax, a social networking site for tabletop gamers (think MySpace, Facebook, etc.). It’s black, green and confusing — or maybe I’m just getting old? According to WotC: “It’s a massive expansion of...

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An Experiment: Gaming Spaces Flickr Group

Yesterday, two ideas that had been floating around for awhile finally banged together in my head: Why not create a public photo group where gamers all over the world can share photos of the places where they game? So I did. It’s called Gaming Spaces, and it’s a photo group on Flickr, a...

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Plot Storming Community

Plot Storming is a new community geared towards helping writers and GMs brainstorm, develop and workshop plots. From their intro: Suffering from a creative block? Enjoy plot development or world building? Have a skeleton, but need the meat? Love swapping ideas with other writers? Then Plot...

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Steampunk GMs, Meet Brass Goggles

Brass Goggles, which I learned about from Wired, is a steampunk GM’s wet dream. It’s stylish, fun to read and packed with just plain nifty stuff — much like the steampunk genre itself, really. The author, Tinkergirl, draws on all sorts of sources, writing about (as the tagline...

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GameCraft Forum: Focused on Play

Founded by Levi Kornelsen, the GameCraft forum is an interesting community. Describing his vision for the site, Levi says: “Tabletop RPGs are basically this giant pile of stuff people do, which they have all these different views of. They talk about the views a lot. We’re here to talk about...

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Run Club and Revelations

ars ludi continues to deliver quality GMing ideas, this time with Run Club and Revelations Run Club is the formalization of a round-robin GMing arrangement, where every player takes turns GMing one-shots. Ben goes into depth about why you might want to try this out (to give a first-time GM a boost...

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