Today I offer no advice, but instead I seek to hear from others.

In the near future I plan on organizing a local mini-convention for RPG fans. Nothing against board, card, video, or war games, but I want to focus on RPGs exclusively. The plan is to hold this event at my local library where I can reserve presentation space for free as long as the event is open to the public. I am not interested in running a for-profit event, and I want to promote RPGs within my community, so this works out fine for my purposes.

The goal is to have 6 tables of 6 players each (with GMs that is 42 people total) with one round of 4 hour events in the morning, and a second round of 4 hour events in the afternoon. There may be a 1 hour seminar on RPGs given between the morning and afternoon events. There will be no vendors on site, but local retailers will be asked to provide handouts or coupons to distribute amongst attendees.

Given the above details, what would you want to see at such a convention? What criteria would you have for those interested in GMing an event? How would you promote such an event? Most important of all is what RPGs would you want to play?

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for sharing them with me. Following the event I will write an article on the experience. I will be sure to mention which tips helped me the most.