The next time you create an NPC, give them two hooks that your players will pick up on in their first encounter with that NPC.

  • Hook one is the most obvious thing about the NPC — something fun to play out, easy to remember and unique to that NPC.
  • Hook two is the one your players will remember later, and hopefully follow up on.

For example: Dorian is a middle-aged cop who speaks with a strange cadence, one that’s a bit like William Shatner doing Captain Kirk (the obvious hook). He also wears at least a half dozen religious symbols of different faiths around his neck at all times (the one that begs for follow-up from your players).

I’ve never tried this myself, but it seems like it’d be a sound technique for quickly building NPCs that your players will enjoy interacting with. (For lots more tips and discussion on this topic, don’t miss the NPC section of the TT archives.) What do you think?

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