Today’s is TT’s second birthday — the first post went up on July 8th, 2005 (Every Campaign is an Experiment), but I didn’t start publicizing the site until July 11th, with Running a Campaign Website. Capped off by Monday’s ENnie nomination for Best Fan Site, it’s been a great year.

Last year, I celebrated TT’s first birthday by giving away a free PDF, How to Take Simple (Yet Badass) GM Notes, and I figured I’d go ahead and make that a tradition.

This year’s free PDF is now available for download: More is Better: Group Character Creation. (Eight other free GMing PDFs are available in our downloads section.)

Over the years I’ve found that creating characters as a group is by far the best way to lay a solid foundation for a fun campaign. I thought it would be helpful to lay out a versatile, straightforward step-by-step system for creating a great party — hopefully this PDF will be useful to new and veteran GMs alike.

Many thanks for making TT’s second year even more of a blast than the first — you rock!