Just lately, I’ve come across a bevy of good GMing links. I figured I’d share them all at once, rather than spreading them out:

Burning Spotlight: This ars ludi post kicks off with a great piece of GMing insight: “Players want play time. Forget about treasure, XP, or hero points: the only reward that really counts is getting to play.” Ben then delves into downsides of spotlight time, something I’ve never considered before.

RPGSpaces: A new social networking site aimed at gamers, for online games, linking up with other players, campaign blogs and the like. And unlike Gleemax, it won’t make your eyes bleed. I suspect we’ll be seeing more RPG networking sites in the near future — this is an idea whose time has come.

Interrogate Your NPCs — NPCs Need to be Needy: This My Play post is a follow-up to Interrogate Your NPCs — Whys and Hows, and it’s excellent. It also dovetails will with The Conflict Rule of NPC Design here on TT. Gerald opens with “The simplest way to ensure that an NPC has an effect is to ask, โ€œWhat does this NPC want from the PCs?โ€ which is a great starting point.

Zuzzy Miniatures: These guys make textured, paintable battlemats — instead of just being flat, they’re molded with low-profile terrain features, and they look incredible. Apparently, you can still roll them up after they’re painted, making them easy to transport. For GMs who love minis, this is a pretty neat idea. (Via Gaming Report.)