Treasure Tables has been nominated for an ENnie Award for Best Fan Site!

TT’s fellow nominees are Dragonlance Nexus, Liber Fanatica, Modus Operandi and Planewalker. They’re all cool sites — labors of love, just like TT — and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to check them out. It’s an honor to be nominated, and to be in such good company.

It’s also a huge relief to be done with this part of the waiting game — I did a little happy dance for my wife last night when I found out about the nomination. Thank you for helping to make Treasure Tables what it is today — without TT’s awesome community of GMs, and without your posts, comments, suggestions, and contributions, this nomination wouldn’t have happened.

Since they began in 2001, the ENnies have grown into the premiere fan-based RPG award: gamers vote to select five judges; those judges pore over dozens of products and narrow them down to five nominees for each category (ranging from Best Game to Best Cartography); and then fans vote for the gold and silver award winners in every category.

Whether you vote for TT or not, I hope you’ll vote in the ENnies later this month — being nominated means a lot to me, and I’m sure the other nominees feel the same. You don’t need an EN World account to vote, and it’s a pretty quick process.

Voting for the ENnies is open to anyone, and runs from July 16th through July 29th, with the awards ceremony taking place at GenCon on August 17th (which is pretty damned cool). Here’s the full list of nominees: 2007 ENnie Awards nominees.

I’ll post a reminder shortly before voting opens, and I hope you’ll consider voting for TT!