Last week, I posted the first preview from the Stew’s soon-to-be-released book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters.

The sci-fi plots chapter has come back from layout, so without further blathering, here’s the second sample: Eureka sample PDF #2.

This time around, you’ll see a different group of authors — all of the gnomes contributed 55 plots apiece to Eureka, give or take a plot or two.

You’ll also see the tools we’ve included to make these plots crazy-easy to use in your game: the theme (“The Enigma,” which appeared on the page just before the first sample page), genre, genres you can adapt each plot to, and tags.

Our next sample will either be from the GMing chapter or the horror plots chapter. In the meantime, other Eureka news will be posted on the Engine Publishing blog (which features a handy RSS/email feed, if getting news delivered to you sounds good).

In trying to strike a balance between a) turning the Stew into a giant ad for our book and b) never mentioning it and having no one buy it and crying ourselves to sleep on our wee giant pillows, I’m going for “big meaty stuff is posted here, and big stuff plus smaller stuff is posted there, on the Engine website.” I hope that approach is a good one.

Got questions or comments? I’d love to hear them — after eating, sleeping, and breathing this book for the better part of a year, talking about it with anyone but my Beagle mutt is a real treat.

Oh, and happy Towel Day!