Gamers love a good bull session. Conjecture and discussion are as important to us as Cheetos and Mountain Dew (or Dr Pepper for the Texans among us). Hell, the very core of tabletop RPGs is playing ‘what if?’. And one of our favorite topics is the theories behind RPGs

However, this love of theory can actually detract from your GMing, especially if endless discussions of theory distract you from getting down to brass tacks, and actually working on a game.

In order to become more than just talk, theories must be put to the test. To have any value, all this conjecture must be brought into the real world. And the only way to do that is by running a game.

So step away from the bull session every now and then, and run a game. Put some of your pet theories in the crucible, and see what happens. At the very least, you’ll get some more data points for your next discussion.

The classic pinball game Eight Ball Deluxe would taunt and annoy nearby (video) gamers with the catchphrase “Quit talking and start chalking!” Perhaps we should modify that phrase for tabletop RPG use: Quit trolling and start rolling!

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