Gnome Stew, Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management, and Engine Publishing were nominated for three ENnie Awards this year, and I’d like to ask you to vote for us online.

Voting doesn’t require an account or login, and it only takes a few seconds (you don’t even have to vote in every category):

  1. Head on over to the ENnie Awards voting booth
  2. Scroll to Best Blog and rank Gnome Stew a “1”
  3. Scroll to Best Aid/Accessory and rank Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management a “1”
  4. Scroll to Fans’ Favorite Publisher and rank Engine Publishing a “1”
  5. Click the big “Submit Ballot” button to cast your votes

That’s all there is to it! Thank you very much for voting for us!

Why your vote matters to us

There are two big reasons why the ENnie Awards matter to us.

The first is that your support is a big part of what motivates us. We’ve been writing Gnome Stew since 2008, and working together to publish books through Engine Publishing since 2009, and knowing that fellow gamers get good mileage out of what we do is what makes it worthwhile. It sounds corny, but it’s true! Voting for us in the ENnies is a quick, simple, but very meaningful way to show your support.

The second is that these awards, and the others we ask you to vote for us in from time to time, open doors for the gnomes. Recognition via the ENnies leads to more work in the RPG industry, new career paths in our day jobs, and other new stuff that matters. We write the Stew, and work on GMing books, because we love to do it; that’s never changed. But speaking as the owner of the site and of Engine Publishing, I view one of my main jobs in both places as being an opener of doors for the awesome folks I get to work with.

Every vote truly makes a difference

Gaming isn’t a huge industry, and the ENnies are sometimes decided by just a handful of votes — less than a dozen votes, on at least one occasion! The field this year is one of the strongest I can remember; competition is fierce. Your vote — yes, yours! — makes a difference.

Now that we’ve been nominated, which is an honor we appreciate unto itself, it’s all about “ground game” (a term from politics that applies equally here) and getting out the vote. If you’re so inclined, asking your gaming group, friends, and even family to vote for us would be awesome. We do this ourselves; my mom’s rowing team all voted for us last year. It might sound silly, but it helps.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading this, and more importantly for reading the Stew and our books. You rock, and I look forward to bringing you more useful gaming content for years to come!

And if you do vote for us, thanks! That’s totally awesome of you.